Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here’s a little story.
I had a dream one night.

I saw myself standing on bare dry ground not a mountain or tree in sight -- nothing there but an odd-looking weighing scale. Odd with huge and I say huge, empty plates. Then out of nowhere appeared an old but distinguished looking man with long gray beard that oddly touched the ground. He looked at me with nary an expression on his old wisdom-lined face and raised his right hand in the air. I followed his hand, looked, but saw nothing there. Then he lowered it pointing to the right empty plate on the scale. Soon enough the plate began to fill with the events of my life – the good memories of my life. One by one it filled the plate now almost overflowing. I smiled at the thought of those wonderful moments of the past I dare not ever forget. The scale tipped down apparently under the weight of its load and thereby raised the opposite empty plate high.

I waited for the old man; I felt the show wasn’t finished yet. The opposite plate was still empty. As if reading my thoughts, he raised his left hand the same way he did with his right. It seemed like he was gesturing something or to someone unseen to begin. And similarly when he pointed to the left empty plate, it right away began to fill with the other side of my past – the sad memories there. As it piled one after the other on the plate, I felt my tears fall. The hurt and pain I could not deny despite leaving it all behind with time. I noticed then that the scale stood with both plates evenly at that point. It stayed there so still.

Then he spoke.

“Both the good and the bad times of your life stand equal on the scale. Neither is greater or lesser than the other; both stand invaluable in the work that they do in you. Be grateful for the good that happens and ... be humble in your misfortunes when they occur because both essentially equally work together to create a better ---you.”

The End.


  1. Hi Ellen ,

    Lovely again ..!

    Both good and bad memories make us grow /mould better in their own way ..!

    Life is not a bed of roses where we expect only good things..

    I believe, To cry is to be closer to my emotions closely ,as much as when i laugh ..Hope this sums up what i meant ..:)

    Thanks Ellen ..:)

    Have a cheerful Day !


  2. HI Ellen,

    Yes, both good and bad are meant for a better you/me.

    I used to have a doubt; when we recollect our happy moments from our past, we smile along with the moving screen with almost similar happiness as that of our past, and similarly, when we recollect the bad moments, we generally don't cry as we cried in that moment..The pain that we feel is less than that of the one in the past...

    Why it happens?

    Thanks for sharing this posy Ellen..
    :) Pramoda

  3. Hello Vyshu,

    You have beautifully said it >> "..To cry is to be closer to my emotions closely ,as much as when i laugh.." I like those words.

    Thanks for your lovely visit.

  4. Hi Pramoda,

    You say --- "..when we recollect the bad moments, we generally don't cry as we cried in that moment..The pain that we feel is less than that of the one in the past... Why it happens? .."

    That is true. It has been spoken of and written often that 'time is a great healer of hurtful memories'. ...time with its passing somehow softens or mellows down the hurt or sorrow felt by a person. Or rather it can be said this way, that as the years roll by, a person transforms or becomes much wiser or has grown more mature or has acquired a broader understanding of life and living which allows him to finally see the hurts of the past in a much more enlightened view. Thus whatever pain or hurt felt before can no more hurt him now as much as it may have done long ago.

    Thank you for taking time to visit today. Your presence in the blog gives me so much pleasure. Take care. May the good Lord bless you and your family.

  5. Ellen,

    Read 2 posts now. Find it difficult to choose words to say anything. More GEMS for collections. True, we prune our basket and discard rotten apples. This happens when we put too many to them together. If we be easy on collection then none will be rotten. Good times are normally taken for granted and bad times are always cursed. You brought out correct balance.

    Take care

  6. Hi Elen,
    Really good as usual. I also see dreams but don't remember them. I agree with you, we are made up of all sorts of experiences.

  7. Jack! glad to see you today. How is your day getting along? I hope the family and everything is well. May the good Lord bless you and your loved ones. Thank you for the lovely message. :-)

  8. Hi Indrasish! Have you tried writing down your dreams when you awake. Well, maybe not all but snippets of it that you can remember. And then you, as a good writer, can weave a story about it. That would make for an interesting read. You write well, you know. :-) Thanks for dropping by today. See you around. God bless!


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