Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Oh, don't we all get to meet so many different people in this life journey. I have been so lucky to have met and found good people and formed lasting friendships with them. It can never be disputed that wonderful friendships bring wonderful joys and precious memories to last a lifetime.

And yet on the other hand, one does get some rotten apples mixed in there somewhere in the same social basket. oh yes! admittedly a few have managed to make life miserable for me at some points --- behaved in a manner which caused unnecessary pain, hurt. 'Have no idea if they felt any remorse for their behavior then or if they were ever aware if at all. But they taught me something about bad people in our midst. The rule is stay far away - clear far away from them. They can break your heart.

When I was seriously contemplating possible options of crushing the 'enemy' (lols).... I realized that it wasn't the right approach. Of course I couldn’t let the few rotten ones ruin the rest of the bunch -- the good apples in my basket. And neither have them ruin or snuff-out my enjoyment of a basket full of so much good. Good friends and friendships are a rarity, as everybody knows, and certainly are lovely treasures worthy of keeping. I meant to keep my treasures.

So remembering mom's words -- 'sift through the grains to get to the best', I wrote them off my life with these final words ... "I'm done with you"... turned my back and walked away.

We should choose our friends. But because we do get both good and bad apples in the same basket ... resolve to leave those who you discover cannot measure up. And treasure wonderful people who give genuine meaning - honor - and value to the word 'friend' and 'friendship'. Appreciate and celebrate good people and friends. They are part of life’s treasures and blessings.

A good friend is a gift from God.


  1. Hi Ellen,

    Very well written about friendship..
    We should dump out the bad apples from our basket lest the good ones should get spoiled..how true...!

    Who finds a faithful friend ,finds the treasure

    The best way to destroy our enemy-some one who tries to break away us is to IGNORE...

    Thanks for this post Ellen ,

    Have a Great Day !

  2. Hi Elen,
    I get the feeling that you box people into good and bad. But I think people are mix of good and bad. No one is completely good or totally evil - they are made of both. A personality is made of various shades and what shade a person reveals depends on the situation he is in. Sometimes the so called 'good' friends have dissapointed me and the 'bad' ones surprised me. And I have managed to tug along with both of them. I have let some go, of course, but that's for various reasons....There are some friends who told hurtful things and I parted with them but I understood that it was not necessarily because they were bad but because they had some problems...sometimes personality-related, sometimes otherwise but most times personality related. I still think of them sometimes and can't say I completely hate them...but I do steer clear of them.

  3. Hello Vyshu,

    How very well you have understood the post, my friend. Yes indeed, it's about treasuring our friends - the ones who stand by us through thick and thin.

    Nice to see you again.
    Hope you're having a wonderful day at your end. Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Indrasish,

    :-) Nope, I must say that it's not what the blog is all about. Not about putting people into a so-called 'box'. It is about valuing our good friends and friendships.. and letting go of those who don't measure up to it.

    The idea that people are both good and bad would take another blog post. Maybe sometime soon. :-)

    Thanks for dropping by. Everything okay with your day I hope. I believe blessings have been packed in it by a good God. See you around.

  5. Hai Ellen,

    It reminded me of the days when i struggled with some people and the way how i could manage to get through..

    I felt that i would not be giving them my best, so i just wanted them to go in their own way, with their own lives.. Yes, treasure ur friends and be happy. Similarly, leave the people to whom u can't give a 100% friendship, and let them live happily...

    This is what i have been following..what u say? am i ok with my way?..:)

    Thanks for sharing Ellen..Good one.

  6. Hi Pramoda,

    Yes, you did fine with that. There are things which we cannot hold on to forever, whether we like it or not, that includes people and relationships. Sometimes it's best to let go when letting go would make you or the other person or both happier. It's futile to stay at a certain point when nothing seems to work well anymore for everyone concerned.

    Oh I should be thanking you too, Pramoda, for the interesting insights you put down here. This gives me genuine pleasure replying to. I welcome anyone - everyone sharing his own thoughts and insights in the blog. :-)

    Thanks for this lovely visit.
    Blessings to you.

  7. Hi Ellen,
    The intent to treasure a freind comes the moment we enter this world. But the maturity to measure and treasure come often very late. And its too obvious, how else can we classify whom we can treasure and whom do we need to let go off to live by their own measures.

    I was choosy about freinds but could never have a measure until i too faced certain pain and grief coz of my being company to them. But life did teach me so and truly i can see how well you have made me/us reflect through your blog.

    And i find,

    Freinds are the wind beneath your wings to make you fly....

    Thanks to share,


  8. Hello Pearl/Sunita,

    You have said it so beautifully >>> "...Friends are the wind beneath your wings to make you fly...."

    And you know something else? -- You are treasured as a good friend. Take care. God bless you and your family.

  9. Dear Ellen,

    I can only trust God that I am one of those good apples. As you know my life has been filled with struggles but my heart has always done it's best to bring peace, love and joy to all others who cross my path. I have failed many times but do know in my heart that my only desire is to not only be that friend but also to have those friends in my life.\

    You are a rare gem Ellen. One in which I know God has placed upon my path. There has only been one other person who has impacted my life as you have done and that was 52 years ago. To this day she holds a very special place in my heart.

    By God's love indwelling in you I have been touched in ways that it is impossible for me to explain. I only know that when I read your blogs or feel the connection with you I am blessed. My heart is full and I find peace where there has been strife. You my Dear Lady will always be a gift from God to me. One in which I treasure.

    My prayer is that I never become disconnected from you again but realize that only God knows how long we are to be in each others lives so I will treasure every moment that he gives to me with your presence.

    God Bless You and Yours...

    Always Loving You


  10. It works both ways, dear Beverly, by God's purpose. You have in your own special way inspired me with your presence wisdom and friendship. And why all these years of not knowing where you are I kept the hope that one day we would meet again someway somehow.

    I know that you had your share of struggles too just like me and the rest of the human race. But God has blessed you immensely with light, wisdom, and insights which you incidentally have put to very good use. This has blessed others more than you would ever know.

    Have peace and joy in your heart for you have been a dutiful child of God. You have served well and will continue to serve well. This I know.

    But too please rest easy and struggle no more because God also wants you to enjoy life on your turf. It's his gift to you. Enjoy his blessings there. Be at peace. Be blessed and stay blessed.

    You are always in my prayers.
    God bless your gentle heart.



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