Monday, October 19, 2009


We all get the same stuff in life. I'm referring to those things which make us happy, cry, angry, love, lose, succeed, bitter, foolish, brilliant, or just downright stupid. Because you and I are the same. You may not fancy the green bitter gourd I eat but you have your own idiosyncrasies about food like a peanut butter and mustard sandwich. I like walking boots anywhere I go and you like dark leather jackets in rain or sunny weather. I like soft soothing music to calm my hassled nerves at night while you like the loud ear-screeching sounds of an electric guitar to wake you up mornings. I guess we can put up with all that because we know that we're so much different as we are so much the same with one another.

But in things which matter in the course of trying to live a life the best we can, it would be wise to pay attention to certain things. We all aim for happiness and success. But to get there in the best possible time and in top form we must learn what or where we should put our emphasis or attention. Why? It’s because so many things could and would encroach on our territory thereby taking us off the track or derailing us from our goal. But we can do something about that.

If our emphasis is on ...

..... hard work, responsibility, determination, excellence, persistence, consistency, accountability, knowledge, self-confidence, respect, hope, faith, the willingness to learn, the ability to bounce back from a disappointment or failure, and the passion and love for doing what is right

-- we will get there no matter the road we take or challenges we face. If we put in our best effort into our goals, the universe can do no other but grant our heart's desires.

On the other hand, if we engage in ....

--- lackadaisical effort, are content with mediocrity, are lazy, can't leave our comfort zones, can't make commitments, resent authority, procrastination, evade responsibility, and would opt for the shorter easier (yet not always the smarter) way to do things

-- we won't get there, that's certain. We'll simply end up as miserable as we started - Perhaps twice as miserable. To this the universe will simply say to us -- 'Buddy, you've got a problem.'

Both kinds of activity use up the same hours, days, weeks, years and energy put into it. What would make the huge difference is on deciding which road we would choose to travel -- the road to success or the road to misery. The choice is solely ours to make.

"The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." -- Carlos Castaneda


  1. hi ellen,

    well, thought provoking one..

    yeah, the difference do lies in the choices we make and also in the effort that we keep ...:)

    and the result lies in the sweat of as the enjoyment..

    Thanks for posting this..

  2. Wow.You come up daily with wonderful posts.I would add one more to the list of items to be emphasized, one vital thing-a trust in God that He would ensure success.
    Your comments are equally nice.Give me your email ID if you have no objection

  3. Right on, Pram! -- "...and the result lies in the sweat of hardwork.. so as the enjoyment.." :-) Three cheers to that!!!

  4. Hi KP,

    How wonderful to see your faith and trust in God. So do I; he is both my sails and anchor in this journey of life. :-)Email coming your way!

  5. Ellen,

    This is the gist of what is needed to reach success. I will add that sincerity too is one of the traits which helps in reaching your goal.

    Take care

  6. Hi Elen,
    I agree with you - the choices we make are important...success comes from what we put emphasis on. I also think once we have made a choice, we should pursue it. But I also think however discontent you are with mediocrity or however steadfast you are success comes faster to some people than it does to others. Nice post.

  7. the right choice at the right time and right place...but witha bit of optimistic approach that whatever we are going to ll lead us towards ultimate happiness

  8. Hi Heavenly,

    This is a wonderful quote you've posted in your blog. I like it.

    "Love does not survive neglect. Once planted,it must be carefully tended if it is to grow." ---Alice Rice

    Thanks for this visit.
    Take care and God bless.

  9. How so true, Jack. Sincerity puts one up ahead where others fail.

    Hope you're having a good day.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  10. Quite an observation, Indrasish -- "...success comes faster to some people than it does to others." Have you wondered why? Because I am pretty sure that other than the obvious (of being much smarter or wiser or talented) or of the absence of such, there would be that special something that worked well to their favor and pushed them towards success. Everything has a reason or cause.

    I always look forward to your insights -- in your messages or in your blog. Keep it coming.

    God bless you.

  11. You live life. You learn. You share what you learn. Thanks Ellen, for sharing with us everything that you seemed to have learnt from experience.

  12. Thanks, RGB. It's also what you're doing in your blog. I could pick out snippets of fine wisdom there. 'Liked that one you did long ago about being a working wife-mom. 'Could relate to that lols!

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Great to see you!


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