Saturday, October 31, 2009


Do you know why quotes on some lips ring empty while on others seem like gems? Famous lines or words have travelled for ages, in different places, and through diverse people. The lines don’t grow old but in the wrong hands fail to serve its intrinsic worth.

When quoting something somebody said long ago or maybe even in the present, be wary of when or how or why you are doing the quote. You can’t simply fling it to the winds expecting a good harvest from those who may catch it. Sometimes it does, most times it does not.

Famous words originally spoken are from people of different backgrounds, point in time, issues or concerns, nuance of character. Out of these they speak their observation, insight, belief as they watch life and the world parade before their eyes. They too stand not only as spectators but are involved in its drama. They are students in the school of life and have learned well.

So why do ‘quotes’ fall flat on some and on others come out genuine? It’s simple….… they mismatch. Maybe it’s the lack of understanding of the idea presented, or the rush to prove wise, or the feeble attempt at 15 minutes of fame. I’ve seen that on TV interviews just recently (such embarrassing blooper!), unfortunately.

Quotes will come out as gems when spoken with honest conviction and true understanding of its origin and purpose and then is used in the same context and principle into the present circumstance. It can't be any other way because being genuine is 'to thine own self be true'. Truth delivered is wisdom served. That is the essence of a quote.


  1. There is a time and place for everything.One cannot be loud in a funeral procession or silent at a happy gathering.The quotes should likwise be relevant to the circumstances and the nuances of quote should be known to the one who quotes.Above all however apt quote one may use it is sure to give a false ring if there is no genuineness in the heart.
    How true the words 'to thine own self be true'I liked the post immensely

  2. Hi KP,

    Good words you speak. I agree. :-) Thank you for your wonderful message and for appreciating the piece. But the pleasure is all mine; it's always a delight to see you here.

    Went to your blog and saw the new post. You have some serious thoughts there, it made readers think. Depressing in tone but true to life.


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