Saturday, October 31, 2009


We have created so many different kinds of lists for every plausible activity in our small mundane lives. There’s the to-do list, priority list, shopping list, friends list, grocery list, Christmas list, appointments list, book list, popular song list, best dressed list, worst dressed list, or the top ten Hollywood hunks list (hmmm, I’d like to see this one! Lols).

But I haven’t seen anyone do this list --- the “DONE IT” list. Well, have you or anyone you know ever done a list of that kind? Or maybe they have but given a different name.

So what’s in a “Done It” list? If a “To-do” list holds goals, hopes, plans, wishes, and dreams aimed for… the “Done It” list records ‘been there – done that’ moments, eureka moments, and victories. When a ‘To-do’ list is all about work, the ‘done it’ list is its celebration and reward. The former could bring in tension and anxiety, but the latter will bring in joy, happiness, and gratefulness.

Jill is a good friend of mine and here’s what she sent me. A partial list because to quote her ‘everyday I get more and more added to the list and each time it simply doubles up my pleasure’. Unquote.

My Done-It List

-Took driving lessons two weeks ago (Whew!)
-Drove to work and back by myself last Monday (Hurray!)
-Bungee jumped for the very first time last summer (Exhilarating!)

-Danced boogie-woogie in my super high-heeled shoes (Owee feeling sexy!)

-Got on a sailboat for my first sailing in Boracay (Felt good!)
-Led a team of four in a major sales presentation to stockholders and was commended for a good job (Yippee!)

-Parted with a favorite bracelet which reminded me of a bad relationship (Good riddance!)

-Finally read and finished the book that was sleeping under my pillow for weeks and weeks (That WAS a good book; why didn’t I do it sooner?!)


There you go, Jill and her ‘Done It’ list.

What about you, what’s on your ‘Done It’ list?


  1. We saw Jill's done list.Yes ,she has accomplished a few things to bring her satisfaction.I thought you woud come up with your done list before asking the readers!!

    Yes, you are right.To do list is only a hope while done list is an achievement.But we need the former to get the latter lolz

  2. Hi KP,

    I agree with you on that one. But I was focusing on the 'Done It' list for this post. We all know about the 'To do' list; people don't have to be told about it, right? But not many know bout a 'Done It' list. And as for my own list, am doing it on a separate post. lols! See you around, pal! :-)

  3. Hi Ellen,

    I have to start reading here, it's only now that I bookmarked this blog of yours...:)

    I'll be back after am done with my work in office...:)

    and the Done List? wish I could do it, after my whining hubby post...:)

    see yah later!!!

    promise, I'll be back!

  4. I'll take your word for it, Amity. Lols! Hope to see you back soon. :-)


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