Friday, January 1, 2010


What am I saying, am having enough problems believing that myself. It's hardest when the chips are down or when future prospects seem bleak or when doomsayers say that our world is wildly spinning round and close to tottering out of control.

But you know what... I must believe or I will simply go nuts with this wild crazy world of ours. I must believe that there is hope, courage, faith, goodness, compassion, fair play, honesty, love, truth, trust, kindness, integrity, talent, professionalism, justice, and ... believe that people everywhere do really care about our world - mother nature - and of each another.

I will -- believe. Even if prices go skyrocketing high pushed by greed and materialism, I will believe that good people out there will band together and lend their voices to reason and right. Even if justice is misused and mismanaged, I will believe that the rule of law will catch up sooner or later. Even if wrongdoing, cheaters, power, wealth, beauty and fame are idolized out of proportion, I will believe that not everybody adheres to that point of view. Even if politicians manipulate the ignorance and poverty of the small man of the streets, I will believe that a hero will rise and champion the poor and underpriviledged. Even if they say that the good won't survive our world, I will believe that the good will prevail no matter the obstacles placed in its way. Even if friends tell me that I am wasting my time being nice cos people are generally bad, I will believe that people deep inside are basically and truly good. Even if we have our differences, I will believe that we can always find a common ground. Even if my dreams are frustrated and shattered now, I will believe that I can dream again another time. Even if they tell me that I can't be this or that nor do this or that, I will believe that I can be anything I want to be and that everybody has talent and potential. Even if they say that there is no God, I will believe that He is there or better yet right here in my heart.

And even if our world looks bleak and dreary and that the year that passed staggered heavily weighed down by so many troubles... I will believe that this NEW YEAR could be better because many do still care enough to make it better.



  1. Ellen, it's with people like you that world is a great place...yes one should believe in the best, our belief is very important coz it gives us energy to brave the world coz if we stop believeing, there would be nothing to look forward to.
    Thanks for the inspirational post,
    A very happy new year to you once again :)

  2. What more can I add than Sana on the superb post pinning faith on the goodness of the man.It takes lot of moral courage to have this abundant belief on good outcome when everything around us indicate the contrary.
    Thanks Ellen for posting a fine piece giving us hope

  3. Ellen, I stumbled onto your blog through Sashin's... and so glad I did. You write such truths about the character of life and people, beauty and inspiration. Beautiful blog! I will be back :)

  4. Hi Sana (NewBeginning),

    I like what you wrote -- ".. our belief is very important coz it gives us energy to brave the world coz if we stop believeing, there would be nothing to look forward to."

    Beautiful lines. Thank you.
    A Happy and a Blessed New Year to you and your family!

  5. Hi KP,

    Moral courage is right there in every heart, in every person. It takes only a gentle nudge to have it come out to the fore and light up our world with good.

    Thank you, dear friend, I treasure your every visit to my blog. Enjoy your day. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. WELCOME, Roxy! :-)

    Delighted to see you, 'got to thank Sashin for this, lols! :-) Thank you for your wonderful message. The pleasure is all mine. By the way, have gone to your blog awhile ago and liked what I saw.. the writing, pictures, your poems, your new theme song, and the precious quotes. Will be coming back for more. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Dear Ellen,
    I believe,life is really beautiful,
    I believe you are my good friend,
    I believe you've a bright future as writer;
    I believe God is kind to us.
    I believe in sincere,honest and true friends.
    I believe,you will be always with me. :)
    Wishing You A Wonderful New Year Filled With Peace,Happiness and Prosperity,

  8. Hi Ellen:)

    Greetings and good wishes for the New Year.

    Amazing thoughts, wonderful wisdom, message of hope, a positive outlook on mankind and the future of the earth.

    Yet we have to take some facts into consideration such as the growing gap between the rich and poor, increasing poverty and homelessness, famine, food shortage, sickness, lack of medical facilties,global warming, climate change, destruction of trees, terrorism,divorces,
    single parents and so on. It is the rich people who have to come forward to alleviate the suffering of the masses. Rich and powerful are not doing enough. It is good to focus on issues such as these.

    I am not trying take the sheen of your powerful message which is worth reading, understanding and spreading to as many people as possible. It is in the goodness of the wisdom contained in your meaningful message lies the salvation of mankind and this world. The doomsdayers will never succeed and they will be proved false again and again.

    Many many thanks for the inspiring message and the courageous, confident thoughts of future and the goodness of man in general. We are all basically good and God has made us with divinity. But the monther earth offers us too many temptations that we become greedy, jealous and prone to so many sins and evil ways.

    Wish you and your wonderful family everything in abundance-HEALTH,HAPPINESS,SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY.

  9. I believe as you believe, Anu. And I shall always be with you for as long as this friendship allows us to. And I believe that's for a very very long long time.

    Blessings to you, dear friend.
    May this new year grant you all your dreams. God bless!

  10. That's just what I meant, Joseph..... that despite all the unpleasantness that we see in life - things - systems - people - that we are hurting ourselves more by causing and creating all these mess ourselves, and that we have abused mother earth so badly, ... there can still be HOPE in the midst of all that if only we learn to BELIEVE that good exists in the hearts of men and that good will always prevail no matter what would stand against it. We have to believe that, we must believe that. Otherwise we will be going down to our own destruction and extinction on a fast and faster clip! Already we have managed to push ourselves right to the edge of the cliff. God ain't too happy seeing just what we are doing to ourselves. He gave us all that we need... but we foolishly wasted it all away. Sadly.

    God's peace and grace be with you and your family. A blessed New Year to you all!

  11. This is a bad bad world. People even more so.

  12. dear ellen,
    this is life all about, saving our tiny nests from the blowing winds.

    wish you and every one else success.

  13. If the world is bad, people too. Well, it's partly our fault. Because we allowed it to happen, we let them get away with it. That's how we create a bad world.

    You want a good world? Be the good that you want to see. Sooner than you think people will begin to mirror you. If something or someone has hurt you, don't let it or them hurt you anymore.

  14. What a lovely line, Suryagni --- "...saving our tiny nests from the blowing winds." Blessings to you!

  15. A very happy New year to You as well Ellen.

    You are such a nice person to wish me and share your blessings.

    Hope the coming year will bring you all sorts of happiness :)

    Happy 2010 and happy blogging :)


  16. What a pleasure to have you here, Aditi :-) Thank you for your wonderful greeting for the new year. I wish you the same a hundredfold over. Blessings to you and your family.


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