Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Never think that you can't. Just because you see somebody shining brilliantly in what he does, it does not mean that you can't do just as well if not better with your own. Maybe the problem is - you haven't given it a big try. I say Big because there are admittedly small tries, feeble tries, fearful tries, and indifferent tries. What you get depends on how much you put in. Make that your first and only rule.

Humility is good. But again there is false humility, misplaced humility, fake humility, and proud humility. The genuine kind is one that honestly knows his own capacity for greatness alongside his limitations. But the latter does not worry him at all because he understands that it is not his inadequacies which define him as a person but his strength to be the best of what he can be and with this do the good he wants to see in the world.

Ordinary maybe but sometimes there lies within a miracle waiting to be born. A miracle when someone does an ordinary thing extraordinarily. And the world applauds. Never underestimate ordinary -- within its cover is potential.

So then.....

"Hide not your talents, they for use were made.
What's a sun dial in the shade?"
-- Benjamin Franklin


  1. Ellen,

    Can we say that the Big Try...gets small because of the some constraints but if the willpower stays, humility stays & there stays perseverance....will that try work??

    And what about ordinary people trying to achieve extraordinary with constraints to their effort...I guess I have asked too much but this is what came to my mind after reading this post :-(

  2. Ellen,

    Read all pending posts. If we all understand what you always convey and follow, would this world not be heaven?

    Take care

  3. The constraints are already there in the first place. We are asked to overcome those... to rise above them. That's what the big try is all about.

    As for ordinary people, who are we to gauge their effort or judge them? Their big try is as good as any we ourselves can make or give. It may look minute or insignificant to us, but do we really know just how much went into it -- how much strength or courage they mustered to make their dreams come true? Or how much they sacrificed for a chance to prove their worth too? Sometimes ordinary people are better at the struggle than we so-called better equipped ones. Sometimes ordinary people possess in great measure what we run short of in ourselves. Sometimes they have the better reason to strive than the reason or reasons we put up. Sometimes they have the stick-to-itiveness which we so often lack or take for granted.

    Oh but it's okay to have those questions in your mind, Jigyasa. Everybody has questions to most everything. It's there for us to give answers to. Indeed questions give birth to wisdom. How wonderful that is!

    Thank you for dropping by. :-) Truly delighted to see you. Wishing you a very pleasant day and week. Be blessed and stay blessed. :-) God bless.

  4. yes may be we dont try the amount we should. You know sometimes I feel, when we are sad or are unsuccessful doing something or f something good is happening and all of a sudden it comes to an abrupt end we do try to shrink away from reality..it takes time to get up and get going . Running away from ones defeat is not a solution but getting up and giving it another try is important for sure..Just wish there was a pill to fill up that enthusiasm whenever we fall...prayer is a pill that works wonders:)
    Hmm life :) we crop up problem, get their solution, bang into things, make our way..maybe that's what makes life worth every while:)
    Thanks for the amazing post...I felt as if I had a long chat with you :)Hope my company wasn't boring ;)

  5. Hi Jack,

    That's such a wonderful compliment and which I shall treasure. Thank you very much, dear friend. :-)

    Yeah, it's a tough world but we can always try make it better.

    Thank you for cruising down the blog posts. Quite a feat.. wow, such an honor and delight for me. Thank you. :-)

  6. Hi Sana,

    You made me smile with this -- "...Hmm life :) we crop up problem, get their solution, bang into things, make our way..maybe that's what makes life worth every while :)..." -- It's all so true. :-)

    And still we have within us that eternal flame of hope --- to overcome, to keep trying, to succeed, to keep up the faith. It's what keeps us going. I suppose God put it there simply for that purpose. And you, dear friend, see it clearly with your heart and soul. :-)

    'Boring' is not you. That's an intelligent head above your pretty shoulders and your gentle heart is in its rightful place. It's such a pleasure to have met you, dear friend. Thank you for this friendship. God bless you and your family.

  7. Thanks for uncomplicating the things! Like Uncle Jack says, if people understand & follow what you have to say - Life surely would turn simpler & better.

    Regards & Wishes!

    Keep Smiling!

  8. Hi Jigyasa,

    What I've said or tried to say have been said by countless others before me I know. Yet we too know that often people are slow learners or simply bull-headed sometimes. :-) The lessons are there but we don't pay it any attention. Just like our current problem with global warming. I guess some things have to be learned the hard way. lols! Human nature always waits for that kick in the butt. :-)

    But we might want to try to make a difference in our little corner of the world. It may be just one person or one simple good worthy thought, but still it will be something. And could attract others more to that same thought. So hopefully might create something bigger, right? lols

    Thanks for this lovely visit, Jigs. Always pleased to see you.. and I love exchanges like this with you. Take care now. God bless!

  9. One more glittering entry Ellen. It just came to me so light and inspiring, the right mix of simple joy of reading a wisdom-laden strings of thoughts...

  10. Delighted to see you, DF! :-) Always! Oh I have seen your new post. Now you have me interested in the book. If you say it's good -- it must be good! :-)

    Thanks for this lovely visit and message. Blessings of peace and joy to you and your loved ones.


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