Sunday, January 17, 2010


Our world is a hurting world - its people hurting suffering struggling with so many demons real or imagined. That's us. Oh yes, we try to be strong and brave -- most times succeeding. But at the end of the day in the middle of the night, we cringe under our sheets in our cold beds fearful of the coming dawn.. afraid for what it can do to hurt us again and again.

Scary but real. We all have to wrestle with a myriad of troubles, issues, and challenges, none exempted. We have our troubles and it comes as diverse as pebbles of sand. Some of us have it in manageable terms while others simply cruise down the bumps with undeniable ease. A good number battle it out with fangs and claws as would a female tiger when her brood is imperiled by an enemy. As some others more would simply sulk away lost and defeated. Problems are like huge great weights resting on our small frail shoulders and can easily crush us forlorn and defeated down to the ground.

At this broken point we desperately look out and up from our troubles for something or someone to take our hand and help us up on our feet again. Lucky if some permanent answers would come along with it thus ending our misery and we get to move on with smiles restored on our faces.

If you know someone like that.. right there where you are, give your hand and help him up. When a friend knocks at your door carrying his cross, let him in and give him rest from his burden. When a colleague comes to your desk with eyes close to tears, drop what you're doing and listen. When you see your mother quietly sitting in a corner forlornly, go to her and give her reason to smile. When your child comes to you with a broken toy in the middle of your reports, hug your child and fix that toy. When the maid asks for a leave to run to her ailing parent, grant it without any moment's hesitation or rebuke. When someone in your neighborhood comes to you for a small loan to buy medicines for her sick child, give even if that money was supposed to be for a nice dress you saw at the mall yesterday.

Small things - yes. But you'll never know how much it means to that person.

Someone kind and gentle said this....

"The next time someone needs you ... just be there. Stay."


  1. Such a sweet thought Ellen:)

    and I loved it ...
    so true!!

    take care :)

  2. What a wonderful day this is to see you again, Chakoli! :-) And thank you for this lovely visit and too for your message. All the best to you and your loved ones. God bless!

  3. Wonderful wonderful's the small things in life that matter the most and when you dont have anything else just give a just might make someones day :)

  4. Hi Sana,

    So true --- "'s the small things in life that matter the most .." How are you, everything okay at your end? :-) Wishing for you a lovely and blessed day and for the rest of the week. Thank you for taking time off to drop by; it's such a pleasure. God bless! :-)

  5. beautiful thought.. and thats what we all need..someone to be there.. not to judge us or try to change us..but just be there!!

    truly a wonderful thought. loved reading this post.

  6. Hi Elen,
    Visiting your blog after some time. I was buried with work last week and the week before. Nice post. Yes, it's true that we should do what we can to heal a wounded soul. There was a guy in our office who always used to approach others for help of various nature and irritated, sometimes people, including me, used to send them back. The pressures of a work place can make you do things you wouldn't otherwise do. Probably that's life.

  7. Hi Morpheus,

    :-) Yup, it sure is nice to have someone who's simply there for you! Thanks for dropping by and for your message. :-)Have a good day.

  8. Hello Indra,

    Oh I know what it's like being busy that way :-) Been there-done that :-).. so to speak.

    And you are right about this too -- "..The pressures of a work place can make you do things you wouldn't otherwise do." Yet sometimes there lies a call and challenge to try to make a difference. It's all up to us to make it happen. :-) And I know that you do in your own special way. Take care and God bless you.

  9. Hmm.....the beauty of life is indeed in being there for others...making them smile, encouraging them, helping them struggle,lending a hand...showing them the right path, sharing their joy and sorrows...hmmm...reminds me of my poem: "HEP ME SMILE" that says, "please, just be there for me and help me cope"...Yes!Chakoli has crowned it: "A SWEET THOUGHT"...just to add one word: A SWEET HUMANE THOUGHT", Ellen.

  10. Welcome Naked Soul!

    Am delighted to see you here. :-) I went to your blog you know and I liked it there. Will go again, definitely. Thank you for taking time off to come here and too for your message.

    Take care. Blessings of peace and happiness to you and yours.


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