Friday, May 21, 2010


So what’s inside an attic of a house? --Plenty of material stuff, old stuff, right? Things such as those you won’t part with but which you should, stuff that’s hard to get rid of because nobody else wants it, bits and pieces which piled up through one indecision after another, and relics which you’d rather be without but are not free to dispose of. Perhaps many more according to what a person considers I can, I won’t, I must -- disjointed memories in most of that.

It’s the same thing with the attic of the mind. We put in a lot in there both good and bad. It’s all about memories, feelings, experiences, insights, biases, prejudices, some fears, expectations. It’s a place where we store all that we wished didn’t have to happen and those which did happen but ended up not the way we had hoped for… and too some dreams hidden away albeit indefinitely but waiting to be retrieved at some opportune time.

Like a house attic we go back to it again and again but not always with the intent to do some cleaning up or clearing out because sometimes the timing isn’t just quite right. Strange as it may seem but it’s just having the feeling of wanting to be there and immerse oneself with what has gone by. It’s like watching a rerun of an old movie --your life. Flashbacks is what they call it. When it comes to you from a certain time or moment in the past, you may feel a twinge of sadness regret or remorse realizing you failed in doing the right thing as you see it now replayed for you. That’s what it holds mostly -- the ifs –buts – perhaps – should haves – the might-have-done-this-and-not-that.

Oh but there are the good stuff too -- those times which gave you so much joy, anticipation, happiness, fulfillment, immense satisfaction. But it does not make the mind attic its home for long. Because it’s always taken out of there and relived repeatedly or passed on to another sharing the same excitement and thrill. The good times roll back and forth in people’s minds and hearts; it never rests. It never is allowed to stand still.

Unlike a house attic though where often you can throw away stuff if you are truly hell-bent on doing so, that is after maybe a heated argument with someone who claims its ownership, ---you can never throw away stuff in your mind attic. It’s stuck with you and you’re stuck with it. Why? - Because everything in there is you. It’s all tied up to who you are, what you are, and what you could be. It’s you groping for explanations or reasons, chasing answers, challenging questions, or simply being stupid or foolish. You either move back or move forward with it. Or you could just be stuck there where you find yourself battling your inner demons hidden somewhere in its deep dark crevices for God-knows-how-long.

Attics have their uses. The mind attic particularly in great measure because within its walls you knowingly or unknowingly are repeatedly being renewed, shaped, molded, and reborn. And if your attic is right you’d come out of it feeling quite bold and brave.

So then open the windows of your mind attic, let in fresh air to clear the fozzies in your brain and let the light in to enable you to see clearly what darkness has hidden from you. Mind attics will and can serve you better when it is allowed to do its job. Unlike a house attic it does not have to gather dust….. if you won’t let it.


  1. Wow! You write so beautifully :) I loved reading it :)

  2. Beautifully written article that is true.But unlike the attic of the house, the attic of the mind has an edge.Over a period of time it forgets many though holds on to some older memories.It is the gift of fading memory that blunts the sorrows and disappointments.

    There is yet another difference, unlike tha house attic where you can jettison unwanted stuff if we wish to, the removal of past memories ,evil thoughts, hurts are done not by throwing them out but by filling the mental attic with fresh and new good thoughts leaving little room for old bad memories.
    A very nice post making us think

  3. Hi Sapphire,

    So nice to see you here. :-) How are you? You know, that was a lovely post you made on 'breaking free'. Looking forward to reading more in your blog.

    Have a good weekend up ahead.
    Take care and God bless you.

  4. Hi KP,

    I want to think that our mind attic isn't subject to the physical changes brought by age and time. It's more like a timeless holding room that's vast and expansive letting everything in but never letting anything out. Why? Because every bit that's in there contributes to creation and recreation of the person. Every bit of information, old and new-good or bad, goes round and round used once twice or repeatedly as it connects to that person's everyday life for his learning and growth... until it no longer can. That then is life's end.

    But that is only my opinion. Lols! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by with your usual nugget of wisdom. I enjoy much a lively exchange such as this. :-) Take care; God bless you.

  5. A very thought provoking post is all I can say... Loved it :-)

  6. Hi Aby,

    So glad to see you again. :-) Do come more often cos I enjoy chats with you, whenever this facility allows us to. :-) :-)

    By the way, saw your new post and I love what you wrote in it. Also, I like your easy command of English - comes so naturally and simple. Makes for easy reading. Thank you for that distinct pleasure when reading your work.

    Have a pleasant weekend.
    Take care. God bless you.


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