Monday, May 10, 2010


Whenever I want to write something it always becomes a struggle between will I or not. To write doesn't take much as anybody would know a passion is a passion. Not even a hundred horses can take you away from that. On the other hand, I can think of three good reasons not to write.

Top on that list is the absence of an idea for writing or in more romantic terms – an inspiration. Second, the excruciatingly hot weather makes it impossible to sit on the chair longer than I can say the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.. and I don't even know if I spelled that correctly. Thirdly, I'm enamored by my facebook because I find it invigoratingly spot-on-the-moment to put in What's On My Mind and then have friends coming in and liking it and not. Love it when they do; doesn't bother me if they don't. Free country, freedom of speech, and diversity does make it such an interesting pie.

Fourth on the list, I have this new interest of sewing a bag out of an old pair of denim pants. An idea that caught my mind when one day I saw that I had about 3 or 4 worn out denims lying inside the closet for ages now. Since tote bags is another passion, I decided to put the denims to better use and at the same time find out if Mom's creative sewing talents rubbed off on me. Been toiling at it for days... the measuring, cutting, and the final sewing – by hand and not with a sewing machine. I have an old sewing machine here but I prefer not to work it. You see, I'm bad with machines although I have managed to drive a car before. I hope that counts. Well, the bag is now ready with only the zipper and the handle to attach. Now I'm figuring out how to do the zipper because it looks like a tricky thing to do. Ehow to the rescue.

Hey that's all of four reasons already. There's a fifth one but never mind. Oh okay, it's got something to do with great movies – if there's a good one in town my family and I go see it. Too there's American Idol, CSI, Leverage, CNN (and our local news too), Discovery, the Geographic channel, How'd They Do That, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race, LifeStyle, Ellen Degeneres .. all those other interesting stuff that gets your eyes glued to the box. And it helps to have a nice cup of coffee, or iced tea, or some ice cream and cheese cake while sitting on a nice comfy couch.... and too have your family around you...and the pets cuddling close on the couch beside you.

So maybe what I'm trying to say is there's life outside the writing and blogging. And truthfully, I'm saying that I'm having the best of both worlds. The writing gives me so much pleasure indulging in such a rewarding activity with the added bonus of meeting interesting people and wonderful friendships - I love them all. I can say this too that life as a mother to three wonderful daughters and as a fulfilled person to myself does create my greatest of blessings. Somebody up there must be smiling. :-) What a wonderful God!

Bye for now. See you in the next 'ish! :-)


  1. Ellen,

    Life is multifaceted. It is human tendency to do many things which one loves but time is the biggest constraint. And you found new love - Facebook. Never mind, you will be here off and on. You made me so jealous by describing your quality time with family. May you all always have such close bonding and happiness.

    Take care

  2. Dear Jack,

    I'll tell you a tiny secret....I could never leave the blog for long stretches without sneaking in to see who has visited. Lols! I love you guys! Every visit brings the blog to life and a big smile to my face. :-)

    Thanks, Jack, for dropping by and for leaving lovely messages of wisdom, warmth, and friendship. Thank you! Take care and God bless you and your loved ones.

  3. Dear Ellen,

    A belated Happy Mother's Day! You are lucky to have your daughters but at the same time they also are lucky (double it) to have a mom like you!

    I feel your post. I also sometimes lack the drive to write when I lack the inspiration or I just don't have the idea to on what to blog about.

    Enjoy your week and have a blessed one! God bless you more. Looking forward to your posts.

  4. Sashin! Delighted to see you! :-) Thank you for your Mother's Day greeting and message. Warms my heart so.

    Yeah, it's crazy sometimes isn't it? When the mind goes blank even if we are all set to write... something... anything... LOls! :-)

    Take care and I wish you a wonderful day today. Looking forward to reading your nuggets of blogging too. See yah!

  5. It does happens to me too....when I find more fun in doing other is work overload, then at times its more of family others I get too pre-occupied in trivia like tv, music,travelling but what remains same is always I get the urge to come back to my space...and talk to the world.

    And then...there are times when I want to write so badly but have a severe loss of words! Strange me..

    Take care Ellen. Keep Faith.

  6. Couldn't agree more! I was at the lab this morning staring blankly at the computer when my boss approached me and said' "Lea, why don't you take a break? Write when you're in the mood." I am writing a research proposal to be submitted to an international organization. It was the fourth for the year, and I already have an idea on what to write about but I don't have the drive. I even know where to start already. How much more if we don't have an idea on what to write about.. Sigh. :)

  7. He said that?! Already am liking your boss. Reminds me of my former boss too --- nice decent smart fella. Truly considerate and understanding as what your boss has shown to be. Oh yeah, the idea is there but the drive isn't! How I know that!

    Well, you'll find that elusive drive, am pretty sure. Why I know that? Because you're wired to succeed and there's nothing that can hold that back. So .... Smile!

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  9. Oh well, Jigyasa, there are many in this big wide blog community and too out there in the world who are just as 'strange' as you and me. Lols! Lea (Sashin) there would agree. Nice feeling to have you gals in the same boat with me. hahahah :-) Couldn't be with better company! :-)


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