Sunday, October 10, 2010


You must be wondering what my thoughts are with Christine's wedding just about two days away. Honestly, it's a mix.. nothing which I can pin down as my one main thought. Maybe I'll leave that to time... it will sort itself out as the days roll along. I am more inclined to watch everything.. like watching a parade go by. And just like your usual parade there's plenty to see, all sorts of images -- clowns, costumes, masks, revelry, fun. Everybody who is part of it is seen to put his best foot or effort forward -- all orchestrated to bring about a wonderful show. Now I'm loving the sights and sounds of this one special parade --- the wedding. And it's no show -- it's for real! And at this point in the blogging, this is even just the prelude -- not the wedding yet. We'll be coming to that in just a few.

So let's continue...

Now we went to the food tasting prepared at the house of the caterer, Kaye. They also discussed the motif, table decor, and the physical arrangement of the reception. Oh but the food was simply sumptuous - so appealing to the eye and palate. Here is just a few on the menu shown us. (The wedding cake -- we'll see that in the reception photographs.)

Ah the wedding waltz by the couple (choreographer Bong Santos)... this was my fun. I could only hope that they wouldn't bungle up their dance on the day. Anyway I think the main idea here is to enjoy the whole thing.. never mind some missed steps. That'll be something funny to look back to someday. Memories are made of these. Indeed!

Choosing the right dress for the bridal entourage was a thrill all on its own. We met the designer Dan Cadiz, a pleasant and friendly person. After he made the sketches for each member of the entourage, we knew that we were in for a series of fittings before the final dress would come out. But I'll say this much it was worth it all. Will show the pictures in the final part of the blog.

Now we come to the making of the bride's wedding dress.

The couturier is Veluz Reyes. A very talented designer - such a charming down-to-earth and friendly lady. Oh my goodness she cracks me up with her jokes. The wedding dress evolved beautifully right before my eyes with every visit we made to her residence/shop for the fittings. It's so gorgeous it simply took my breath away! Oh but I can't show the pictures, not yet! Lols!

So the pictures above will show you the family enjoying the whole time spent at the fittings - series of fittings I should say. We teased the bridegroom, Daniel, about not being able to see the dress. But he's such a good sport just cooling his heels at the receiving area and as his usual would counter with his own jokes and antics with us. Great guy!

Here we have the trial hair and make-up session with Irene Sy-Go. The make-up came out good, not overpowering but simply enhancing natural features and bringing out the best. The hair though would still go through some changes to complement the wedding dress when it's finished.

And then it was time for the bridegroom to take center-stage.

We accompanied him to his suit fitting and it sure looked good on him -- dashing good fit.

Will end up at this point. More in the next 'ish - Part 3.
Bye for now. God bless!


  1. Lovely. Can't wait to see the bride's outfit, but I guess it'll be worth the wait! The build up to the d-day is real good, the family bonding together so well:) And the groom blending in. All the very best to Christine and the whole family! Good bless!!

  2. Oh what a happy day this must be for them. It seems like everything is coming together well. May God bless you and family during these times.

  3. All weddings are fun and the preparations for the great day are real thrill.The eager and joyful expectations,the anxiety that all things move like well oiled machine to perfection,the tying up of loose ends till the final moments all add to the wonderful experience.I could discern a similarity to the weddings that take place here.The underlying merry spirit is the same everywhere.My best wishes to the happy couple on this auspicious occasion for a long and happy married life.I am waiting eagerly to read the subsequent posts with many phographs.A very nice write up as usual

  4. Cant wait for the next part...m super excited!!!!:)))))Heartiest congrats once again!!!!!

  5. Woooow loved it!!

    Infact even I m going with all this anxiwety and serach of right dress right hairstyle.... dance and food...

    loved ur post :))

    Heartiest congratulations from my side :))

  6. Ellen,

    I am back after forced break. Read all pending posts. You are absolutely right that we should be like lake giving out best we can. One can only do justice to what God sent us here for when one is as God intended one to be - oneself. God knows what we deserve and gives us that in own ways. The statement in the beginning of post on marriage is so true. If all of us tend that little garden there will be no scope of any discord. I fully agree with quote by Anon. By now Christine and Daniel must be on their honeymoon, please convey my best wishes to them. May God bless them with a very happy and peaceful wedded life. Looking forward to more photographs.

    Take care

  7. Hi RGB! Have finished with Part 3. Will be doing Part 4.. and I guess this is the final part. Here you will see Christine's wedding gown. :-) I will relay to the new couple your best wishes and blessing. Thank you so much. God bless you!

  8. Oh indeed it all is, May. And am grateful for God's grace and blessing through it all. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. God bless!

  9. Hi KP! Your best wishes will reach Christine and Daniel. Thank you! Oh yes, I think there are more similarities than none in most wedding traditions around the globe. It's nice to know that. Have a fine day and God bless you.

  10. :-) Oh it's here, Sana, Part 3 that is, and the final part will be up and ready soon. Hope to be seeing you back in here when that happens. Lols! Thank you for being here. God bless you.

  11. Chakoli! what a lovely surprise! :-) Will pass on to Christine and Daniel your best wishes; thank you so much. Hope you're having a lovely day. God bless you.

  12. So nice to see you, Jack. Certainly your best wishes and blessings will be relayed to Christine and Daniel. Thank you so much. :-) And you made me smile seeing you have breezed through several posts in one sitting. Lols! Quite a feat; thanks! Have a blessed day!


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