Thursday, October 21, 2010

PRELUDE TO A WEDDING - Part 4 GETTING READY (View From A Mother's Eyes)

The energy and activity starting from Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 rises to a crescendo now pushing everybody to their limits and beyond. Here both friends and strangers-turned-friends alike worked towards one same goal. I think we should have weddings like this everyday to see the beauty of people in their heats and souls.

1) The birth of the wedding dress

I saw the wedding dress evolve from birth to maturity. Was present in all of the fitting sessions at the couturier's house/shop and each time was truly exquisite, to say the least. Veluz is a master at detail and brilliant in choosing what looks best on and for the bride. She designs around the personality of the woman working it to enhance or complement, not to detract overpower or overshadow. And the result .... a gorgeous wedding dress that is second only to the star of the day -- the bride. That is simply perfect!

2) Checking the bridal accessories and other stuff for the wedding ceremony

The Hair piece
The Bride's purse, shoes & garter.

The Veil - As husband and wife, Bride and Groom, commit to protect each other, to cloth each other of each other's love and loyalty. The veil represents Groom's strength and protection to his bride, his wife, who he promises to take care of from this day forward. (Sponsors come to put veil on Bride and Groom's head and pin them on their shoulder) - Source: Filipino Catholic Wedding Ceremony by Fr. Lance.

The Cord - To bind their love, to unite their lives as one, to connect souls - a cord symbolizes these very ideals. it symbolizes unity, infinity - a love that Bride and groom would share together, forever. (Sponsors put the "figure eight cord" over Bride and Groom's shoulders) - Source: Filipino Catholic Wedding Ceremony by Fr. Lance

The wedding ring holder, the coins (aras) holder.

Unity Candle (in purple ribbon) - At the beginning of this ceremony, two individual candles were lit symbolizing the individuality of the couple at that time. To show recognition of their commitment to share a future, a vision, a dream under the watchful eye of God, they will light the center candle that symbolizes their love from this day forward. The In memoriam Candle (in black ribbon) -- in memory of her father who passed away in 2007 - will be lit by the mother of the bride.

The Locket - attached to the bridal bouquet. Her Dad's pic inside.

The Misalette and the Holy Bible

3) Getting the bride ready.

So now we're inching closer to the BIG MOMENT. It gets better and better. The story continues in the next part.......


  1. Ellen,

    Reading these two posts makes me feel as if I was there throughout. Very narrative with such beautiful photographs.

    Take care

  2. Yes, Jack, I meant it that way. It's a journey for her and for me --- happy and sad -- for her, for me. Of such is life for us all, isn't it?

    Always delighted to see you. Thank you for your wonderful friendship. God bless!

  3. Wonderful description along with very good pictures giving the significance of many things in right measure and in her inimitable style, Ellen has brought out a fine post on the many aspects of a wedding. Thanks a lot

  4. Hi KP! Thank you, you're so kind. Happy that you like the post. It's always a pleasure to have you here. Take care please and best regards to the rest of the family. God bless!


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