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Everything done in the past months culminate to this one big moment.... the wedding day! I'm not sure if this blog will hold everything there is to tell as there is such a huge store of photographs to be brought in, selected ones but still huge. But let's see how this will go. If another blog should be required, so be it --but that would then be the point highlight of this long story. All for my precious one -- Christine. And big thanks to the family's old loyal digicam :-)
Part 3 is the second to the last, I hope :-)

Here, I'm giving you a glimpse of what transpired within the four walls of the Oakwood hotel suite as the preparations got heated up and energies soared for --- the BIG MOMENT.

Let's have a look......

1) Day-before check-in at the Oakwood Premier Joy - Nostalg Center, Pasig City. We took two suites - one for the groom and his family.. and another for the bride and her family and the 'wedding crew' (I like to call them that lols!). It's a tradition that the bride and groom won't be seeing each other until the wedding ceremony at the altar.

Ahh but the lovely amiable and efficient front desk staff -- Cherie, Nexie, Erica, and Lem. And too this won't be complete without mentioning our friend Dion who took care that all our stuff were properly attended to and cared for. Worthy of mention too are the prompt and efficient housekeeping personnel who attended to our every request. You're all beautiful people! Thank you.

2) 8:00AM early of the next day (the Wedding Day) ...and already people started coming in. In just a few minutes the place was swarming with people -- everyone who had something to do with the wedding ... the wedding videographer Jason Magbanua and his staff, the wedding photographer Nelwin Uy and his assistants-- together with their respective equipment. Jason and Nelwin are excellent story-tellers with video and camera respectively. They can take you to rainbow dreams and fairytale images and preserve them for you for a lifetime of precious memories. --- And do you know what comes next only to the star of the show -the food! What can I say.. the guests had only praises for the food served. Big thanks to K. by Cunanan Catering. --- The florists April & Karen Yu brought in the bridal flowers - gorgeous as flowers are but made even more exquisite with arrangement, all simply took my breath away. --- The hair-and-makeup artist with her people came with all their stuff in tow. Makeup artist Irene Sy Go is an artist beyond compare masterfully bringing out beauty with a stroke of her magic wand...whoops! I meant 'brush'. --- Veluz the couturier of the wedding dress sent her able assistants led by friendly Weng who would help the bride with her wedding gown. She made me such a proud and prouder mom with such a gorgeous exquisite romantic and elegant wedding gown. ---And the wedding coordinators Jets and Rhona Battung (husband and wife team) tending to the nitty-gritty details of everything. They carried on with such boundless energy and efficiency making me wonder just where do they ever get that energy?! Watching them all at work, I felt so glad and grateful to have them on our side. This is one wedding team that is hard to beat!!

Oh yes, everything that moved or even breathed in that room were either pictured or videoed. So this is how a goldfish must be feeling inside his fish bowl! Oh wow, everything was happening all at the same time. I've never seen so many busy people in one room like this.. but, you know what, this time I didn't mind at all. The only problem maybe was that I had a difficult time remembering all those names.. or matching names to faces, never was good at that, oh boy!! Yet just looking at the joy and excitement in my daughter's eyes made it all worthwhile.
Wouldn't have it any other way.

(Christine and couturier Veluz)

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K. By Cunanan Catering
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The husband and wife team, Jets n Rhona Battung.
Wedding Coordinators.

Jason Magbanua, wedding videographer
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Nelwin Uy, wedding photographer
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Irene Sy Go, hair & makeup artist
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3) Here they are the ladies of the bridal entourage --- Sans the father of the groom and the best man Dennis, Daniel's big brother. They were in the other room, with the dashing groom, getting ready themselves. Too bad that having plenty on my plate with the make-up and dressing and bits of errands here and there, I couldn't find the time to slip over to their side to get some pictures. But I think and am sure that the wonderful wedding photographer and videographer took care of that end very well.

Many thanks to Dan Cadiz, the designer, who designed the lovely gowns of the ladies.

Two happy moms - (Top) Ellen, mother of the bride. (Below) Alice, mother of the groom.

Siblings of the couple: (Top) Amchit - Christine's elder sister & maid of honor. (Below) Grace - Daniel's elder sister & candle sponsor.

(Top) Malen - Christine's younger sister & veil sponsor. (Below) Faith - Daniel's younger sister & cord sponsor

4) Before we move on to the main event, let's have a look at some of the radiant colorful and gorgeous bridal flowers..... all done by florists April & Karen Yu. View this website

Top picture is the Toss Bouquet. In all of its pristine beauty and splendor seen here is the Bridal Bouquet. Notice the locket attached, inside is a picture of Christine's Dad who passed away in 2007.

Also worthy of note were the elegant floral arrangement in the church by Rey Asuncion. Wedding music was provided by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra -- they played such lovely music anyone could and would fall in love with.

Oh thank you, God, for lovely precious moments.
***** Coming up next... PART 4 *****


  1. Hi Elen,
    I am happy to be the first person to be posting comment on your daughter's wedding blog. You seem to be having a great time but I can understand the responsibilities of a mother...and that they can also make it equally difficult. The photos are great and so are the other preparations. I wish I could be there.

  2. Dear Indra,

    What a delight to have you here now. And if distance wasn't a problem, it would be a big pleasure and honor to have you with us in this blessed occasion. Thank you for liking the photos taken using the family's digital camera -- an amateur's humble effort Lols! The official photographs and video will be ready in a few days though. Can't wait to see it :-)

    I hope all's well at your end. Have a lovely and blessed day. Thank you for coming by and for your comment. God bless you!

  3. Hey Ellen

    I'm so delighted :)

    heartiest congratulations!!

    ur camera and pics were amazing :))

  4. Hi Chakoli! Wonderful to see you here. Thanks for taking time to come by. Will relay your kind greetings to the new couple too. Thanks! Hope you're having a pleasant day. God bless you and your family.


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