Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Images came to life one day as I sat by the window looking out to a dull day. That of a young girl in high school and a best friend who saw herself as insignificant incompetent. That of an office-mate who didn't think that he could deserve a promotion. That of a niece who thought herself to be a loser. But all three were good at some talent or skill. I remember them so well.

Then came one day when.......

---Dina was pushed by her English teacher to join a campus essay contest. She came out besting the best. She was sent off to represent the school in a national competition; won that.
---James was sent by his boss to handle a project at their provincial branch office. He improved their sales dramatically within a year. He became the manager of that branch.
---Leah was asked by an uncle to assist in an NGO sponsored community activity for street children. The children adored her. She later headed similar community activities and became known for her highly-rated organizational skills and efficiency.

Sometimes we don't get to know our potential nor see the spark of genius within our selves. Sometimes we need a little push from someone who sees us for what we are.. one who sees our genius or potential. And when that happens, it now becomes our responsibility to let it shine even so much more. There can no longer be an excuse for not letting our star shine and shine even brighter. We should aspire to do what we do best at anytime, any place, with whoever is sent us, with every opportunity that knocks on our doors. We should be who we are constantly consistently unbendingly uncompromisingly... regardless... because that's who and what we are. The best is our yardstick. The goal is to live life with our best.

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest until good be better and better best."
-- Mother Goose rhyme


  1. Excellent post!

    We should never let anyone stop us from achieving our dreams. There is so much out there to be experienced, yet we let so much of it go by without even being touched.

    Thank you for this inspirational post and I hope it inspires others to take advantage of every one of life's opportunities.

  2. Welcome to the blog, Live Life Every Day! :-)

    And thank you for dropping by. May God pour out an abundant heap of blessings upon you and your family and your blog. A Happy and Blessed New Year!!


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