Sunday, December 19, 2010


"We move through places every day that would never have been if not for those who came before us. .." (Mitch Albom)

Consider the roads & bridges we travel which people have built, the food on our table which people have grown, our families & homes put together by generations before us. Everything passes through different minds hearts & hands who toiled at it before we came. And now.. it's our turn to make a difference too.

There is much to do still as life-the world-people continue to evolve. And everyone is to contribute to that with who we are and what we may know. We cannot simply sit by and watch it roll out and not be taken along or not get involved. We too must work at it just as others do.

As we now are enjoying the works of those who came before us, so must we work at life so that others in the future may enjoy that life too. We are given our talents, minds, hearts, and able bodies not solely for personal gain.. it's for so much more. And that so much more is to make a big difference. And if you ask me what that is... I'll say it's being the best of who and what you are.


  1. Hi Elen,
    I often think what you have said here: life is not just about living for yourself but making a difference for others, and that will make sure that you will live through your actions long after you are gone...I do a little bit of philanthropy...and try to make a difference the best I can...

    Nice to visit your blog after sometime and Christine and her husband make a very good couple.

  2. Wonderful to see you again, Indra! :-)

    Blessings to you, my friend. The heavens must be smiling plenty seeing your generous heart and soul. I pray that God pour out tons of blessings more -- to enable you to continue the wonderful work that you do.. making a difference in other people's lives.

    Take care. God bless you.


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