Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A friend a thousand summers ago with a tiny smile on his face gave me this quote ..... 'The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.' - (Jimmy Johnson)  I still remember the quote well. As for my best friend .. life took him into another direction. Well, nothing much we can do bout it when life does something like that to us. But looking back now I can say it was a good thing. God speed, amigo!

You know what.. we may not see it well or are missing it by this much... but we have extraordinary people around us and seen maybe in a grand way for some lucky souls but for those who go through life quietly and solemnly (now ain't that just too serious a word) maybe it would be just too small to be noticed too. It comes to you like the whiff of a breeze..... but a most refreshing breeze .. that is here a minute and gone in the next. But if you have learned and learned well to pay attention you will see and know it. Because that special spark is there.

Extraordinary ..... is that tiny friendly smile from a complete stranger who moves aside to give you space in an almost full elevator. Is that extra banana the fruit vendor slips into your paper bag already bursting with a kilo of nice yellow ripe bananas. Is that ear doctor who painstakingly explains your case and pleasantly assuage your anxieties about it. Is that handyman who fixes the leak in your roof and puts in a little extra finishing for free. Is that neighbor who greets a warm 'good morning' without fail every time he passes by your house on his way to work. Is that sweet wonderful person in Facebook who always finds time to drop you a warm greeting or a cheerful word or two. ......And many MANY more!

It's that little extra a person does but enough to warm a heart, calm a fear, inspire, wipe away a tear, lighten up the day, make someone feel special, give hope, restore faith, or help somebody regain that which was almost lost.

It's just a little extra.. for you maybe BUT to the person you gave it to ----- it's more than enough!... it's everything! it's the world!

Blessings to you, extraordinary all!


  1. Ellen,

    How I wish that we all could do that little extra! The examples which you gave very clearly show that it does not take any big effort to do that little extra. And the world can be heavenly if we follow it.

    Take care

    1. Hi Jack,

      I think that everybody is capable of that 'little extra'. Maybe the problem is he or she is quite unaware of it all. Sometimes we do not see the 'gold' within ourselves. Rather would be more inclined to see the 'gold' shown in or by others. Human nature, I guess.

      Thank you for dropping by with your wonderful comment. Delighted by it. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. I love it Ms.Ellen and all of us can be "little extra" in our own simple ways..oftentimes it could be just a simple way for us but for others it can be something valuable and can even save lives..I'm happy visiting you po ;)

    1. And I'm twice as happy seeing you after such a long time, Sie! How are you? Life keeping you busy? :-) Are you taking good care of yourself? How are your children? May God pour out his blessings for good health, prosperity and abundance, joy, and happiness to last you through life.

      Thanks for your lovely visit. :-)


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