Thursday, September 27, 2012


My friend plopped on the couch one day... a big plop! So I asked her 'something wrong?' ...and she replied 'Ala lang!' (translated 'Nothing!'). 'Okay let's try that again.... why'd you do it?' 'Whaat?', again she replied. 'Okay that face isn't working with me. Besides you ate up all the shrimp cracklets on the bowl and you don't like shrimp cracklets. So want to tell?'

Then she turned to me and said ... 'did you know that they have this gorgeous chocolate cake at Starbucks? And Coffee Bean makes this fantastic carbonara? J. Co's donuts are to die for too?"

'Hey you're packing in calories faster than you should! What's up??' exclaimed I bewildered. Though I must admit that the cake sounded very tempting! There's a Starbucks store just some minutes away. Anyway......

And the dam burst wide open releasing a flood of tears. 'He's cheating on me!' she bawled between sobs. There you go and her story tumbled out....  a heart so betrayed and deeply hurt.

No that's as far as I go in telling her story.

But her story is telling us this....

Sometimes when people do outrageous things or simply can be so out of character don't get fooled by that. There is almost always one dominant idea or thought which moves them to do what they do.

We don't do anything just because. Always there is a reason behind it. Big reason, small reason, drama, subtle, or sometimes nonsensical. But the reason is there. And what you do with it almost always is where you get your story.

Just like my friend, it's not what she eats.. rather it's what's eating her that's the problem. Or said in a different way, it's not what you do but rather why you're doing it. That's where the gist of the story lies.
Hope everyone's happy with the day. It's a good one with plenty of good stuff God put into it. Blessings to you all!


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    1. Hi Renu! How are you? Thank you for coming by the blog. Wish you a lovely day and a wonderful weekend up ahead. :-)

  2. Ellen,

    I agree with you that one does things out of the ordinary when there is something weighing on mind. If we do a little thinking we will find that we are no exception and have followed the same way. So one can always tell if any close one is in trouble and be there for support.

    Take care

    1. You are absolutely right, Jack. :-) It's a good day every time I see you here in the blog. And thanks for your sharing too. God bless you and your family.

  3. Wow.That is a beautiful way of telling of what is actually true."'s not what she eats.. rather it's what's eating her that's the problem." One should have a knack of ferreting out the problem tactfully as you have done.But that skill does not come by easily to all.

    1. Thank you, KP. It is nice to see you in the blog. May your weekend be pleasant with family and friends. May it be blessed a hundredfold with all good things for your joy and happiness. Blessings to you and your family.


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