Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When the rains pour down relentlessly outdoors and still the itch for a burger or a movie kicks in... the solution to that comes quick with a trip to the mall with my daughter. Like my mom once said to me... 'neither rain or shine could ever clip your wings when you decide to fly...' Yeah Mom right! :-)

But on this particular Sunday that I did was one Sunday I was glad to have. Because I had the immense pleasure of viewing about what looked like 'bonsai' creations on display at the mall atrium. But I later learned that it was the very first national exhibit and competition on “penjing”.... presented by the Penjing Society of the Philippines (PSP) and hosted by Antipolo City. Penjing is an ancient Chinese landscaping craft akin to the Japanese “bonsai”.

My daughter clicked away at every landscape tray she saw. And so did others more with their phones in quick succession as they were hugely impressed by everything. Even saw a foreigner with his video cam seriously at work and discussing the merits of each display with his companion.

Well, to cut a long story short, here are a few of the pictures taken by daughter. And by the way, this is so much better than a movie or a burger, don't you agree?
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  1. I very much agree, Ma'am Ellen. It's definitely much better than a movie or a burger. Healthier pa po :-) I've always loved the outdoors so if I am in a mall and I'd see these arrangements, I'd feel it's a bonus.

    Miss N of

    1. Indeed such a huge bonus! :-) Thanks for your lovely visit and comment. It's so appreciated. Bless you!

  2. Very interesting indeed. Each seems a world of its own, sans any creature to exploit it! Seems like a Sunday well spent :)

    1. Indeed, I had those same thoughts when I saw them. The excellent creativity of every piece on display was truly awesome. Thank you for dropping by, RGB, and for appreciating the pictures. Blessings!


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