Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Do you know that in every person is a writer just waiting for its time? Give a person the right environment or reason and he will write. Maybe not in the likes of the great writers of long ago and in our present time but definitely he is his own excellence and expression. Maybe he will be writing one liners or squeeze together plenty of words which to the reader may not make sense but he is his own inspiration and his words his masterpiece. So if right now you perchance feel the tiny push to write.... go write!

Here I now sit by the window with my laptop and occasionally would look out to the tall mango trees of my neighbor across the street. Perched on the branches atop those trees are birds chirping in a language of their own which I so wish I understood. I would like to know that's happening in their day But I guess it is so much the same in the animal kingdom as it is in our own. Daddy goes out to work and brings home the bacon while Mom takes care of the house and her brood.

Then I shift my glance back into the room..... my house. It's modest but it's a home. Much love bounces off the walls -- traipses down every room -- bubbles merrily in a tiny pot of stew -- warms the air we breathe -- and settles in the hearts comfy and secure. I've got a broken down couch and much of the furniture don't match, paint's peeling away in bits, and the ceiling's hanging on to dear life. But it's my home -- I love it and it loves me back. How do I know that? Simple... it has a lovely aura that warms my soul in ways only I can understand.

Sometimes so much is felt in the heart that no words seem to suffice enough to express it all. Have you ever felt that way? This special moment which fills you up to the brim and spills over and out but you never feel diminished by it at all? Somehow in inexplicable terms the world transforms into such a far more beautiful place, even its bad you suddenly seem to understand.

One last thing before I go back to my chores, this is such a lovely morning and I intend to have more such lovely mornings. Perhaps even lovelier as I discover every time that life is so full of wondrous treasure!

May your day be filled with the same. Blessings!

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