Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I watched this movie "Dan In Real Life" in Blink Cinema this morning with my toast, a cup of hot chocolate, and a banana on the side. The movie is also about family and the relationships therein. Nice movie. But the best part was this line spoken by actor-comedian Steve Carell as the movie ended.... 'Plan to be surprised'.

How do you do that? I mean consciously. Isn't a surprise just that.. a surprise? Unexpected, unintended, unplanned. But I liked that line so much that it made me think. Really think. The 'plan' part of it was where my thoughts gathered.

When I woke up this morning quite feeling good with myself.. the day.. and the night that passed. I should explain this that the books I have read over the past few years have undoubtedly influenced the way I look at my day quite more on the track of positivity. And so too has life done that to me. And so I have learned, at least with conscious effort. You have to give me credit for that. So then with an expectant heart leading the way I got up and out of bed anticipating to fill up my basket from the hidden treasures of a wonderful day. Who knows maybe there is ready a surprise or two in it for me. How lovely can that be!

I guess that is the answer. You, me, them, we ---- should set the stage with the mind ready and an open heart willing to be touched by awesomeness, newness, wonder, magic. When we deliberately open our doors wide for blessings to enter (and truly they are blessings), things begin to happen to delight our senses, us, our lives so wonderfully. We begin to see so much better that which we have never paid much attention to before. Things and people we have always ignored or taken for granted.

A day without surprises is not the day's fault.
Be open to life. Surprise! Surprise!


  1. Nice one.Life is full of surprises but not when you need it most.Nevertheless it is good to be open to it and welcome it when it comes unexpectedly

  2. Hi KP! Nice to be seeing you here today. Yes, you are correct it's so much better to welcome the surprises of the day with an open heart.

    Have a lovely day!
    Blessings to you and your family.

    1. If you carry an umbrella expecting a rain,the element of surprise is lost.A sudden drizzle with a rainbow adding color to the sky is a surprise though you get drenched.

    2. That line there calls for another post another time. You have a point.

      But this one here is all about keeping an open mind and a welcoming heart in anticipation of what wonderful things could happen in the day. In real life, one does not really go about armed with stuff to ward off unpleasant negative things that could come one's way, as is what life is also about. Rather one can prepare for good surprises with a mind set that does not close itself to discovery, new experiences, adventure, and the like.

      By the way, the movie 'Dan In Real Life' opens the mind to such wonderful possibilities.

      Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day.

  3. Yes, exactly. That's what it means to plan to be surprised. We have to leave room to be surprised in life :)

    1. 'Love surprises... but who doesn't?! Mom once told me that the day holds a gazillion of wonderful surprises but we must know how to see it .. expect it .. appreciate it .. welcome it. I've not forgotten since. And the day always delivers.

      Wonderful to see you again. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Appreciating it. Blessings!


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