Thursday, August 8, 2013


Have you been through something like this? ... times when we lack for the right words to say to comfort weary hearts and souls. The heart may connect but frustratingly the words just don't come. And so difficult even when the tables are turned and we find ourselves at the receiving end of it. Words of comfort can fall like rain to dry parched hearts and souls.

So when I get those odd moments, this book comes to the rescue like a soothing balm from the heart of God. And why I love this book. To quote... 'This collection of treasures from the heart of God, was recorded by an ordinary person who cared to 'listen'.

My favorite book 'Good Morning... God', by Pamela Steinke (she lives in a small town in Arkansas with her family)... and these great lines lifted from the book I would like to share with you. May these writings serve as inspiration to your day.

STEP BY STEP                                      2 Cor 11:3; Romans 8:12-13

"Life with Me is so simple. Remember, the simplicity of Christ. Just one step at a time, simply, easily through life we go. A situation arises --come to Me -- how would I have you handle it? Then do as I have taught you. Do not react in the flesh; react in the Spirit. Do not trust your own counsel -- seek Mine. Do not believe or even listen to the lies of Satan. Come to me for truth. Let My Spirit, My very being, totally fill and engulf you.  This is the way to live.  Not struggling in darkness, not languishing in emptiness, not straining against the yoke. But simply, easily, joyfully, in My power --- step by step through life with ME."

HEALING TOUCH                                 Isaiah 53:5

"I am the healing balm for all of life's wounds, all of its pains and sorrows. You have only to come to Me. Sup with Me, share with Me -- open up the hurting recesses of your heart in My presence. The mere exposure to My light is healing enough. There is no sorrow on earth too great for My healing touch. You are My precious child, one I hold so dear, so near to My heart. Bring Me your griefs and sorrows, your hurts and pains, your tears and heartaches. Share them with Me. Then take MY peace, My healing, and comfort back again with you."

May you be blessed by the healing love and touch of God.
May your day be blessed by the power of prayer.

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