Saturday, August 31, 2013


Let me tell you a little story.........

I remember this conversation long ago when school friends and I had a reunion. They were a good mix of personality and character each unique in her own sphere of life. But sadly we've been out of touch hence with each one led by life into other directions and pursuits. Anyway in such gatherings among ourselves, the conversation always gravitates towards topics which ordinary mortals wouldn't touch. Like husbands and their jobs, babies and feeding bottles, dresses and shoes, pizzas and pastas etc. etc. Oh are those ordinary? Hahahah .... Just kidding!

But sometimes a question such as this would come along .... 'So what are we here for?'

'What do you mean here? Here as in here in this nice cozy restaurant? Or here as in the here of a huge stupendous  mind-boggling and kick-me-quick-before-I-go-crazy here thing??'  Oh yes, that's one expected of Jane (not her real name).

After the laughter subsided round the table, the mood inched its way slowly into a more serious mode when Isabel (not her real name too) said  'I'm here for my family..'

'Here for my career...' said another. And the rest with ... 'Here to be happy..'   'Here to find my one great love..'   'Here to be a successful businesswoman..'   'Here to be a hero....'  Oh but this last one is a joke (just kidding)  ... although there is potential and a treasure of possibilities in those words. Life is full of surprises, as we all know it to be.

It was always nice to see and listen to them talk that way so much alive and fresh and fun and interestingly diverse yet still so much the same. They buzzed on oblivious to the fact that I was silent and enjoying my latte while savoring the moment.

Precious moment as I saw a common thread there. Oh no it's not what can be seen as so obvious but it's this special glow unseen by the naked eye which shines through and out of each person. A light which glides around inside the group traveling from one heart to the other with its warmth and joy. A light which is as singularly as it is collectively magical.

So what are we here for? I think we're here to build a bridge or bridges of light with one another. The more light bridges built the better for humanity and the world.

Have a fun-filled weekend, everyone. Build your bridges of light and shine!
God bless you all. Trust Him to take care of your day.

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