Thursday, June 5, 2014


'The world is full of people who need someone who understands.' 
- Author Unknown

Do you believe that? Well, I do. Because I too need people who understand. I need a person who knows that I am a person and that being a person means that I can be.... adorable, funny, unpredictable, unlikeable at times, grouchy, unhappy, afraid, stupid, sometimes brilliant, and predictably imperfect. And yet even with a hundred-and-one flaws he would understand that those come from a story.....  my life story. Which makes me who I am.

Everybody is a story. We need to understand that. A person is not merely a Jane or a John who each go about their businesses being alive, respectively. There's more to just a pretty face or a brilliant mind.... or a sad face and a weary soul. A person is a product of his or her story. Life story.

Sadly we often fail to understand that. So much easier to heap down judgement or jump to conclusions on things perceived from another person. More often we are found to be wrong and sometimes much too late to do any correction or try even to make amends. The bad already done.

You see, life is not easy to most and to even some a wee much harder than ordinary. Unpopular decisions have to be made in the name of survival. Some stories I hear about sacrifice for another's sake. And other similar stories. Yet when you see them you would think that nothing as huge as a cliff-hanger experience had happened to them at all. You won't see it on their faces. Maybe it's courage or call it something else. But what you see isn't always what you get.

Everybody is a story, has a story. He is a product of that story.... his life story. His story could be sad, lonely, afraid, frustrating, defeating, deprived, desperate, and more. But he keeps on moving forward perhaps hoping for that one big break or that one big dream to come true or that person to make him feel it's alright to be human with flaws-and-all after all.

Let's be more understanding. True understanding teaches us to be kind and kinder. I've read this quote somewhere; it goes something like this ..... "It may be a small thing to you but to someone else it could mean the whole world."


  1. Yes,everyone is a story,some happy,some sad and most a mixture of both.No person is free from flaws just as no story is perfect.Understanding people for what they are and loving them as they are is the kernel of your lovely post.
    I liked it very much.

    1. Hi KP! Lovely to see you visiting again. Thank you and for your comment. Hoping all is well at your end. I'm sure you are looking forward to your coming trip to the US. Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay there. Blessings!


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