Friday, June 27, 2014


Has anybody told you that.............

“Whatever is going to happen will happen, whether we worry or not.” ― Ana Monnar

The author must be referring to those inevitable things which clutter our lives creating chaos exterior-ly and interior-ly. Our response to that predictably is to 'worry'. We do that every time..... worry. There's a Worry-Wart Club in our midst and it's filled to the rafters... and still more waiting to be listed. But the source of worry, legit or not, is all up to the person really and the decision to worry or not is also his or her to make.

But some things will just be as the sunrise which comes in the morn, like it or not. The inevitable is akin to waking up in the morning because. Period. You have no control over it. That's the key word or words ... 'no control'.

The inevitable which cross our paths sometimes unexpectedly may be somebody else's bad decision. It could be that he got stuck in his journey with a frustration or disappointment; stuck at just the point where ours happen to be getting along just fine until he came into the picture right smack in the middle of the road. And until that person learns to sort it out himself soon or soonest we are surely going to be affected as it's there standing in our way blocking our own journey. But objectively, if you can, it's not cause enough for us to worry because it's not our problem. Really -- it's somebody else's, right? Until or unless we unwisely make it our own. Then we should worry about it... intelligently. I've read it somewhere not so long ago that there are many ways to beat a 'perceived' problem or stubborn block which belongs to another person ...... either go round it, over it, under it or all else fails.. to crash through it! Basically, the idea is to try to give that person his space as we too try to keep our own sanity. Win-win solution.

Oh yeah, I have tried that several times at certain points in my journey. And too go see the mirror several times to check .. yup, I still see a sane person looking back at me. I hope this holds up for a long long time yet. 

Have a great day, people! Be sane ... a better way to enjoy life and the world. Blessings!


  1. I can relate so much because I'm a worrier. I worry about almost everything, even my friends' problems.

    1. WELCOME to the blog, Steph!! :-) Honestly, I was like you too some years back. But I learned because I had to, otherwise I would have ended up an awful basket of frazzled nerves! So don't yourself. Be free of such unnecessary clutter. You have enough of your own. I think that's what we human beings do so well with our lives. Clutter it .... LOL! :-) As an old spinster aunt once told me.... 'choose your clutter, honey'.

      Thank you for dropping by the blog. Wish you tons of blessings.


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