Thursday, August 7, 2014


"The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook."  --  William James

Now that's not an easy one. Human nature dictates that we see the world as we are.....  our preferences, choices, insights, perceptions, and the like. Out there is both the good and the bad. We choose what we want into our lives influenced by our upbringing, education, the presence or absence of influences, and our experiences. All of those can be good or bad or both.

But if we had listened to our mothers (learning always starts from the home) we would be diligently and seriously learning our lessons down the road of life and living. Yet there are some of us who don't. With LACKADAISICAL (lacking in spirit or liveliness) attitudes and WHIMSICAL (unpredictable, capricious, erratic) ideas we go about aiming wildly for the stars. 

Wisdom or being WISE (having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment) won't be handed to you on a silver platter.  You work at it.

Meaning you don't go about your day just cruising but you let life touch you. You get involved in life and living; you get in there and get your hands dirty, so to speak, with every challenge, struggle, hurdle coming your way. There will be irritations big and small in things and in people. Irritations which serve no purpose but to mess up your life. Choose your battles, if you can. Face it with understanding, compassion, and a discerning eye. You may get bruised, hurt, burned, scarred but haven't you heard it said... 'no pain; no glory' or something to that effect. The best part of it all is to come out of it much wiser. And that's for having learned the lessons well. That's for paying attention to life. I have learned that much in my own.

One more thought --- you don't have to wait to be old or grow old to be wise.

Life is a great teacher -- and it also can tell you what to overlook, if you let it.

God showers blessings today.... catch a bucket-full!!
A blessed day to everyone!
(Thanks to Mr. Quote Man for the quote... and to the internet for the posters.)

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