Friday, August 1, 2014


Have you ever wondered what keeps a bird up in the air in flight....? Is it the aerodynamics of its wings (the study of the properties of moving air, and especially of the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it)  ... or of the kindness of the wind giving it its necessary lift? But honestly to those who believe, it's more than just aerodynamics or the wind that keeps it up there. It's bigger than both!

Try following that thought and you will come to a wonderful awakening.... realization.... enlightenment.... understanding.... of creation, its creatures, and of life.

What you choose to believe will certainly define the quality of your life. Have read something like that in a book somewhere sometime back. But it stuck in my mind since and had helped me understand some odd challenges at certain stations in my life as I looked back. Suffice it to say that a better understanding of what transpired raised the value of the lesson or lessons placed there by some Unknown and which were meant to be learned. Thus have reaped its benefits far more than desired or expected. I came out much wiser (I hope).

What keeps us at life is more than just being smart.. intelligent... lucky... hardworking... privileged... and other things more attached to being human. Just like the bird up in the air in flight, it's not just the aerodynamics or the generosity of Mr. Wind that keeps it up there. It's bigger than that!! As something bigger is at work in our lives.

Good morning, everyone. Have a great day!
Go joyfully to your day and be blessed. He's just waiting to bless you. :-)

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