Friday, August 15, 2014


Seeing it from my front window.
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Outside situated between the street and my patio stands a tree. A visible landmark perched on my tiny patch of a garden. Have you seen a mast tree? I think you have but you just didn't notice it for its name.

Allowed to grow to its original size, it can be a very tall tree. But mine is trimmed regularly for better management. Unlike the other trees in my neighborhood it is not broad in trunk and foliage but rather slim with its pointed leafy branches close to its body pointing to the ground. Actually, it looks more like a Christmas tree now after being trimmed just a few weeks ago.

I can't help but stand awed by this tree. When the hot sun bears down unbearably on that part of the patio, it absorbs about 40% of the scorching heat (have read that somewhere). When a typhoon pours out its fury, it blocks fierce winds and heavy rains from smashing my front window. A great wind breaker. And I have read somewhere too that a mast tree also absorbs noise. Such a wonderful blessing.

It stands tall, unbending, uncomplaining, and yet serving the better good. And I think... I really really think... that it communes with God all day.
How else can it be when I see it stand tall, like being cared for, nurtured, protected by some Unknown ....... with not an ounce of help from puny human me I think it enjoys a wonderful relationship with its Creator.

Amazing, isn't it? If an ordinary tree can do that, maybe man can be much like it too.... magnificent in its purpose. A creation meant to give glory to its Creator. A man of sterling character, of silent power, of generous giving, a blessing to others, of an abiding faith, trust, and love for God.

A man of silent strength and vision mindful of its real purpose on earth as defined in the heavenly blueprint of life and living.
How I praise and thank God for this lovely gift of a tree ..... my friend, hero, and mentor.

(The top picture was taken long time ago when new screens were being installed on the front window. There you can see the tree... untrimmed as yet but standing solid and strong. Like it always has been, is, and continue to be.)

Blessings, everyone! Enjoy your day; savor life. :-)

Oh, and thanks for dropping by.

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