Monday, July 28, 2014


You know what, there isn't really much one can do with a rainy day. Oh, maybe you can cook up a nice dish... or paint something new and creative... or take down a book you probably have enjoyed reading for the __th time.... or watch a movie on DVD -- something you may have seen for the __th time too!! Have I mentioned all of the options? I guess not. Because we each deal with a rainy day in so many different ways wherever you are in the world. Oh well! :-)

Well, this time I got out my file of old notes. But first to explain why I have a 'file of old notes'.....  You see, I have this tiny habit of writing down anything I have heard or read which would ring a big bell in my head. Wherever I may be ... Starbucks or some other coffee shop which has a convenient magazine stand for its cafe habitues, or in some restaurant with great writings on its walls as part of its decor, or in a book store browsing through rows and rows of books and stumbling upon a nice phrase or line, or in a movie theater listening to a character's dialogue which strikes that big bell in my head. They're all down on paper, that's for sure. And which explains why I always have a note pad or notebook inside my tote bag... and two pens. Why two? Just in case one runs out, the other fills in quite conveniently.

Now that's the 'why' of it, the 'what for' is simply to feed the writing bell in my head. As you may have guessed it correctly, it then translates into the posts I write here or in the blog.

So this one was written on a piece of paper, a page off the familiar note pad beside my bed,.... and to quote

"There are two ways you can change your life", he answered. "You can change your environment or you can change your mind.  Sometimes you can change your environment.  Always you can change your mind.  It's the one thing you have always power over.  Successful people find ways to shine where they are." -------  the character Mr. Everit in the book 'What I Learned From The Richest Man In The World' by Alan Cohen.

Further, Mr. Everit says (on that same chapter) that.....  "Upgrading your life is an inside job.  If you make cosmetic changes only, you're just rearranging chairs on the deck of a sinking ship".
By the way, get hold of the book if you can. It's a terrific read, rain or shine, with pen in hand or none. Blessings, everyone! :-)

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