Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Woke up to a rainy and cold morning today. So what does one do on a day such as this? Well, that would depend on your mood, right? We each have our diverse ways of coping with it.  All good as we wait for the rains to stop while looking forward to Mr. Sun's  coming out  bright and warm.

For me, I would try to find something to read. Not a book this time because I don't feel like sitting hours reading one, not this time anyway. Found this old newspaper (I didn't bother to check its date) and leafed through its pages casually hoping that something would catch my attention which now  was tipping dangerously towards boredom.... and even closer by every minute that passed by.

And then I found this....  allow me to quote ----

'If you have something good to share, share it because these small acts of kindness may inspire people to do good.  If you just rant, nothing will happen.'  --  Rey Bufi, founder of the Storytelling Project

That's a good point, don't you think?

I also found this on the same paper's Daily Gospel corner. Something on a similar note... which says -----

'Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable,  if anything is excellent or praiseworthy ----- think about such things.'   ---  Philippians: 4-8

As I put down the paper I looked out the window and saw the rains had finally stopped. The day looked gloomy with gray skies and hid Mr. Sun who I strongly suspect might have been fidgeting behind it wanting so much to come out but isn't allowed to... yet.

And then I heard this brave wonderful bird perched on a tree in my neighbor's yard across the street..... he thinks it's still a great day chirping merrily away --- A lovely bird song.
I agree it is a lovely day! 

You see, it's what you put into your day which makes it what you want it to be. The weather has nothing to do with it actually. It really is all up to you.

Have a lovely day, too. God bless you all!

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