Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Let me see, tonight a lot of things ran through my mind edging each other for attention wanting to see itself on print. But I hemmed and hawed .. even devised excuses, flimsy as it really were, not to write. To further escape the push I picked up the book (remember the one I bought last Friday? - The Art Of Thinking Clearly) and sat down on the bed to read it. Na-ah didn't work either. Because what I was reading even presented fantastic reasons to write! The book was that good that I wanted to share it with you but feeling unequal to the task I declined. (Well, sometimes I get that feeling or is it just a passing mood.) Yeah, another time perhaps, besides I'm not finished with the book yet. Why not paint? I asked myself. I have been trying to since last week but here's the truth, it takes more than just the desire to finally get out the colors and canvass to paint. And I wouldn't budge an inch in that direction either, so no go on that one.

So I decided to watch something on TV. Sat on the couch and turned on to different channels hoping that one would catch my eye. Finally..... saw Rachel Ray cooking up her 30-minute dish --- it looked simple and doable so I stayed and watched.

After a while a furry presence grazed my leg, slowly came up the couch, sat beside me so close that nothing could squeeze itself between us, and nudged her head to my side. I looked down at Maxie's pretty brown eyes. She gazed back at me softly and gently with a sparkle in her eye like she understood. And I believed she was telling me.....  'it's okay, you don't have to do anything today.... just relax, enjoy the moment.... just breathe...'  And my soul was restored .... and finally found serenity .. tranquility. Precious. I love my dog.

Had something like this before with

Buddy and Lucky - Golden Moments

..... and MY ALONE TIME

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