Wednesday, July 9, 2014


A long-time online friend sent me this.......... (He always considers every note sent as a gentle nudge to write. Well, I have to honestly admit that he succeeds most of the time. Thank you, dear friend.)

"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."  --- Tennyson

That's true. I should know;  my anchor through life. But I have learned too that one must also understand that God answers prayer not always in ways we choose or want but in ways which we need. Also that God works with His own time and reason and why He asks us to be of good faith....  because without it we would despair in our prayer not understanding how this God works. It may look easy to the onlooker but it isn't. Faith is always a struggle. Because human nature wants it ...'now please' but faith says ...'perhaps later.' 

But He is a Magnificent God and there are no if's and but's to it. Blind faith? No, it's faith honed by experience which understands and despite some inconvenience and discomfort to it loves the Giver just the same. Admit it, without Him, we are nothing... down in the dust, nada, kaput, zero. I still believe in miracles....  happens everyday. In fact, you and I -- we're miracles. Science can't give a better explanation to who we really are. A power machine, that's what we are. God put in everything that we would need to live a life of Light and Power by creating us in His image.

Don't sell yourself short, you are not junk nor mediocre. You are his MASTERPIECE. We all are! Even that guy you see on the pavement... dirty, withered, tattered clothes, and begging for food. See him not as a human being gone wrong....  but as one of God's children (God knows how to take care of him). And if you think about it, we are no different from him --- we too beg for something or some things at some time or other in our selfie temporary mundane lives.

We are not junk; you are not junk.  See your self as God sees you --- Precious!

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So then let's enjoy our day. It's our birth right in Christ. Be of good faith and prayer.


  1. Ellen,

    Here after many days. Read 4 posts and first quotation of 5th one. I agree about what is says about worry. True, we see things as per our perspective. One must share good things with all. A pet can make your day without asking for anything in return. One needs to have faith and accept whatever happens is as per God's Will.

    Take care

    1. Great to see you, Jack :-) Thank you for sharing your insights on the post. It's so appreciated.

      So how are you? I hope you are taking good care of yourself, dear friend. May the good Lord continue to watch over you and your family.

  2. "We are not junk; you are not junk. See your self as God sees you " - such lovely lines :-) Thank you for such a beautiful post!

  3. Thank you, Divya, for taking time off to come by and for your comment. It's so appreciated. Wishing you a lovely day with blessings for you and your family. I liked your new post. :-)


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