Sunday, July 20, 2014


Thanks, Beverly. You have put out one most terrific fantastic amazing post I have ever seen here in fb. Thanks for this lovely share, dear friend. Keep 'em coming!

I think I'm going to repost the text below to be easily read. Can't read much of (original) light blue text; it's faint and bland and isn't eye-catching... so I'll darken it a bit. Because this is one piece of wisdom I think everybody must see and understand, men and women-young and old alike. So here it is again..........

  “Knowing what to overlook is one way older adults are typically wiser than young adults. With age comes what is known as "positivity effect". We become more interested in positive information, and our brains react less strongly to what negative information we do encounter.” ---- Meg Jay,

And some friends wonder why I don't get angry at things I should be angry with. Well, now we know that it depends on what things. I must admit that taking such an attitude has worked to reduce stress in huge measure over many things which could easily push my anger button. Of course there is such a thing as righteous anger, but let's reserve that for another post. Meantime, I'm good where I'm at... where life is like a garden of roses. Why roses? Just like the plant.....  The thorns are still there but the flowers now more vibrant and gorgeously beautiful. Lovely life!

POSITIVITY EFFECT --- that's a good thought and attitude, don't you think so too??


  1. learning and unlearning, worrying about the thing which matter most...Is the most important things we learn as we observe People around you.

    1. 'learning and unlearning' --- I agree to that, Abhishek Sharma... and if I may add a bit of 'relearning' too because sometimes we don't learn it well the first time. Some lessons have to be learned again and again until we finally get it.

      Thank you for dropping by and for sharing with your comment. Do you have a blog which I could visit too? I certainly would love to visit.


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