Saturday, January 3, 2015


Let's start the year knowing how wonderful God is. But of course you know that already. And yet don't we still struggle in efforts to draw closer to Him .. or bring Him into our mundane lives? It's like........ 'gosh, He is so huge, supreme and mighty what would He want with a small insignificant mortal like me' --- or 'He's so busy with zillions of people to look after' --- or 'I'm no saint nor a disciple and certainly He loves righteous people more; who am I compared to that??' --- and a lot more similar perceptions of God.

Yeah, I thought that way, too. Until I realized that holding on to
these wrong perceptions and beliefs kept me away and farther from HIM. Misery. My fault, not HIS.

So when I finally got my wake-up-call which straightened out my heart and mind, I began to see God for what HE is. Certainly is not out-of-reach nor beyond-reach but unbelievably as close as just a whisper away.

HE is whatever you want HIM to be in your life. HE is as near or far as your heart can see. HE is in a tear... a smile... or a sigh.

HE is .... a father, or even a mother, a brother or sister, healer, savior, provider, enabler, guide,teacher, career counselor, leader, lawyer, accountant, doctor, builder, ....... or your bff. Oh so many more as many as your needs are in life. HE is what you want HIM to be for your salvation, mercy, well-being, joy and happiness.

And all those roles HE takes on is simply because of HIS great love for HIS children ---- and that means us!

How hard is that to understand?!!

And do you know why some of us find it hard to connect with HIM? -- It's because we haven't learned much how to think less and less of us and think more and so much more of HIM. The truth is we live on this planet so that HE may increase and that we decrease. Life is all about HIM and not all about us, like it or not. We live on borrowed time ---- time which HE allowed us to have. One day everything must return to HIM.

Blessings, everyone; make God real in your life in 2015 .....and watch HIM pour out HIS choicest blessings upon you.

This too is my prayer for you. Be blessed and stay blessed.

(Big thanks to Mr. Quote Man who sent me this beautiful video.)


  1. Happy New Year, Ellen!! What a lovely message to begin the New Year with :-) Trust in Him and we shall indeed be blessed :-)

    1. My fondest wish for the best of the oncoming year for you and your family, Divya. May blessings of good health, abundance, peace, joy and lots of love be yours.

      Happy New Year, Divya!

  2. That was a lovely video.But I liked your message in the post written so clearly

    1. Thank you for the inspiring words in your comment, KP. I am wishing for you the best year of blessings far more than your kind heart can hold. All these from a loving God who loves and watches over you.

      Happy New Year to you and your family!


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