Friday, January 30, 2015


It's a lovely morning outside my window. A gentle breeze rocking the tree tops as birds flit from tree to tree with their song. The pale blue sky peppered with clouds of varying shapes and sizes gliding along unmindful of the turmoil and mess of the earth down below.
Well, it is a messed up world truly and if anyone be looking for blame... it's all about people. People run policies, institutions, organizations, religions, armies, and government. People inhabit neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities, countries, the world. It's people who promote good or bad..... do good or bad..... espouse good or bad..... think good or bad. It's all about people, admit it or not.
People who bother or who don't bother to watch what they think will get the world.... life.... or day they each deserve. You reap whatsoever you shall sow.
The world is a wonderful place according to your thoughts... and the opposite is also true. This is true in our small mundane lives and too in the bigger grander scheme of things the world provides.
What to do? Just be careful what you think. It all begins there in the head. Then you come to choose either to build or destroy..... shape or break..... create or annihilate. It all is in there in your thoughts, to start with. So is responsibility and accountability.
It's tough, you say. Habits die hard. I know, but we could at least try.

Wishing for you and yours a blessed day.


  1. Hello Ellen, greetings and good wishes.

    I was captivated by your first paragraph, You have painted a very beautiful picture.

    The quote is fantastic. Thoughts make or break a person.

    The other day I was walking, slowly with serious thoughts on my mind and suddenly looking up I felt it was a beautiful day. the sun was shining and the leaves of the tall trees glittered in sunlight. The road looked clean and smooth, people walking past me minding their own business, the vehicles were gliding smoothly on the road. Everything looked wonderful. I felt very happy. I wished I had my camera to take a photo of the scene and put it up on the face book.

    Excellent, very motivating post.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Joseph,

      It was a pleasure reading your comment --- your describing your day in such a beautiful image. Truly lovely! When another day like it happens to you again, I do hope you have your camera with you this time. :-)

      Thank you for dropping by and for sharing your wonderful day.

      Blessings to you and your family, my good friend.


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