Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Reading the Sunday paper this morning, I stumbled on this line... one which is so simple and yet can be quite easily taken for granted because others have said it or written about it a dozen times before that it loses its novelty after a time. But sometimes in a day or at some point in your life when you stand ripe for learning or teachings... a tiny nugget of discovery, revelation, insight, or wisdom strikes home in your brain or heart.. to where it matters most. And it doesn't matter if you have heard or read it before a hundred times or more.
This one got to me and opened my mind like a can opener opens up a can of pork-and-beans. Yummy, by the way... my favorite.
It says, to quote.... "There is purpose to each and every life on the planet - spiders count, too!" ---Unquote
Yeah. And I think back on those things which sort of irritate or vex my soul then and now. Plenty, I must say. Things and people which don't live up to their promise or primal purpose always rub me the wrong way. Shortsightedly I fail to see reasons behind it and instead zero in on my irritation or inconvenience. My bad, right.
I didn't quite see why in heaven's name should anything or anyone so inefficient or seemingly uncaring should inhabit this planet. Till I learned to understand that those things and they too have a reason for being.
Every life has its reason to be here. That includes all creatures of the air, land, and sea. A life may not be as perfect as you may want it to be but in its imperfection lies your nudge towards understanding your own imperfection, too. Some things somewhere there in your life journey manage to knock out your world in chaos and disarray... things which didn't and couldn't grant you the satisfaction you desire.
But all are for a reason. And the reason is for you to find out. I don't have the answers for you, nobody does. We each are tasked to seek it ourselves. In that process lies our learning. One lesson different from the other. But all and each tailor-typed to a perfect fit.... for each and every living thing.
God didn't create life and the world on a whim. Everything is engineered to serve a higher purpose. Every life big or small, significant or insignificant is to work its reason for being and do its part to complete the whole tapestry of God's design.
We're here for a reason. That little spider has his and is tasked to do his part.
We all stand connected. By God's design.
Hope you're all having a pleasant and blessed day. God bless you.


  1. Very true.
    As Lawrence Peter put it "Every man serves a useful purpose A miser, for example, makes a wonderful ancestor.

    1. That's a great quote, KP. Thanks for sharing it.
      Wishing for you a lovely day.


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