Saturday, February 14, 2015


"Life is a smile so find it
Put your face behind it
Get it straight in your mind
You gotta make your own sunshine
..... It can't be so hard to find."

Even if life throws you a sour ball and you get it smack on your face......... that only means that you have to practice your ducking skills some more!

And if life plays a sad bad tune and expects you to dance to it......... say 'thanks but no thanks' and go ahead make your own music and dance loco to it.
When you get spoilers to your day of things and people......... show them the door and slam it hard behind them.... gleefully!! Bwahahaaaa......
When something goes wrong to your favorite plan or project......... take that as a cue to ease up, lie down, or hit a ball or two on the tennis court or check out your better idea to unwind. Or better yet clear the cobwebs in and on your mind -- There must be a huge ugly super-pangit spider somewhere in there picking on your creative cells for lunch.
When you feel that you could kill this jerk because he IS a big jerk......... think of how our jails are hopelessly congested you have to queue for hours to use the toilet.
When no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to find that elusive sunshine......... i-drawing mo na lang yan! Draw your piece of sunshine with crayons and paper. Yeah, Go ahead!!! .... and rainbows and stars and roses and angels and moonbeams!
When you feel that your prayers are hitting a huge blank wall......... it's just the devil making you think that way. So direct your prayers to the villain with this: In Jesus' name, go smash your ugly nauseating excruciating obnoxious villainous head to that wall there!!! ... Then go back to your conversation with God.
Yes, I get bad days too just like everybody else and sometimes my sunshine goes shy. But I have learned to buoy up my sunshine with some wee bit of effort and a truck-load of prayers. You just have to try. Don't let a lovely day go to waste.
Wishing you a lovely day of blessings. Shine with your light! God bless you.

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