Thursday, February 19, 2015


A friend once said that the one thing that we should learn is .. 'to mind our own business'.
Really? That made me think. You see, there were those times I remember very well when I needed a helping hand... a kind word... some bit of inspiration or encouragement... someone to be there ----  but nobody bothered to be there because they were simply minding their own business like it was the best and proper thing to do - to leave me to my misery. Can you imagine if somebody just forgot about being scared and took that brave step to get in there and ask if I was okay? That would have made the big difference.
What's to be scared of? Getting involved in other people's lives? That it might make a dent into your resources, time, energy, or take you out of your nice comfort zones? That by giving more of you -- that you become less and less? That you are not good enough or rich enough or influential enough to make a difference?
But I have learned that the trouble lies in this simple fact that we are too tied up with the self. That after we have slaved ourselves to where we are whatever it is we take pride in, we now consider everything else as a possible threat to that. And that, to our mind, will hurt our tiny world and we don't want that.
And here comes a cry for help... but we look the other way.
Mind our own business.  Do you think that it is correct? Of course, we should be respecters of men and women. But it does not have to mean that we isolate ourselves from one another. That's taking it too far.  That's not why we are here.  If I can't count on you.. and can't count on me ---- who will and would??
No man is an island;  we all stand connected. You feel, I feel;  you hurt, I hurt;  you're happy, I am happy;  you grieve, I grieve. You are no better or lesser than me ... nor  I better or lesser than you.  I am you and you are me.  We keep forgetting that simple truth.  All by God's design.
So, my dear friend, if perchance you need a prayer - and prayer is what I can give you with all my heart --- let me know!  God bless you.


  1. Minding one's own business,to me means,not interfering or poking nose in others matters unless requested.This would not preclude one rushing to other's help where needed.I agree that no man is an island but stand connected to all.

    1. Yes, exactly what it meant.... as respecter of men and women. But is led by kindness and compassion to the aid of a person in need of help.

      Hey, I like the story you have posted in your blog, tells about kindness and compassion, too.

      Thanks for dropping by. Have a lovely day!


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