Tuesday, February 17, 2015


“It's so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it's not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it.... In our hands.”Jaka
There now does that hit you at some point in your life? Fact is, we can't (possibly) know everything there is to know about love although we pretend to or believe we do. The love we say we know is that which we see acted out on the big screen by our favorite Hollywood movie stars. It's the one we enjoy most watching because we know its beginning and its end... and everything in-between that.
But who would disagree to this observation that when it comes it comes wrapped up in coy surprises and unpredictability. You know, the kilig factor (the thrill). The stolen looks (yung pailalim na tingiin), the shy smile (na sabay ayos ng buhok), the thrill of surprises (kunwari di alam pero expected naman), the rehearsed poses and semi-poses (pa pogi points) and the itzy-bitzy charming nuances and early steps of attraction.
We have all 'Been there-done that'.... O di bah? It's as normal as pizza pie, red roses, starlight and moonbeams, lollipops and ice cream cones. It brought the tingling to our hearts and the spring to our steps... and emptied our wallets and purses dry.
But how about the one that got away? That one who you didn't know loved you ... or the one who you finally realized you love until too late for that person's no longer there. You begin asking yourself -- 'why didn't I see it?' ... 'how could I have missed it?' ... 'what happened?'.
I know a friend who said this to that...... "Life's Tragedy is that we get old to soon and wise too late." (Benjamin Franklin) .. Although I thought it was the wrong quote hahah...
I think what she was trying to say is............... when you love someone, say it ----- when someone loves you, see it.
Have a great day, friends. Blessings are there just for you.

P.S.  Thanks to Mr. Quote Man for the lovely quote.


  1. Yes, love might as well not even be there if it is not expressed.

    1. You are right. Thanks for the lovely visit.
      Blessings to you and your dear ones.


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