Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Life seems to be throwing me lemons these past few days.. weeks... months... (?) The thing is I am a big fan of lemons.... so too its cousin calamansi. With the fruit.....    I make myself a tall glass of ice cold lemonade! Add a bit of honey... and at other times dip in a sachet of chamomile tea.... grab a good book.... find a nice comfy spot on the couch... aaaahhh makes my day!!
Now with life's lemons...  I would throw a bucket of vile emotions at it. That bucket would be drained empty and dry as all of its contents would be nastily poured out on the object of my fury. Pipigain ko pa kung pwede pa nga eh. Big frustrations, disappointments, letdowns ------- eat me up to the core big time. A certified fiery temper which got me into arguments with kid brother often in our home. But Mom would simply shake her head and say ... 'That, too, will pass.'
BUT... that was long ... long ago. Oh yes! She was right. Mothers know best.
This time, I would simply look it straight in the eye and say ----  "You know what, Mr. Life's Lemons.... you know where the door is!".
Because I have plenty more of sunshine stored away you just can't reach. And a dozen more or so of rainbows squeezed in there somewhere.
I have learned nothing in life is permanent .. or forever. (Thanks to Mom)  Everything has its own shelf-life.  But that I can always build new dreams, new goals, create new adventures - destinations - journeys, and catch more rainbows to add to my treasure. These things never run out;  you can do it again and again. No shelf-life on this one.
Here's a little poem Mr. Quote Man sent me today. The message in it is beautifully clear in helping us understand all about life. and its lemons.  To quote.....
Rainbows would never be rainbows
If sunshine had never met rain
No one would ever need comfort
If there was no sadness and pain
But life holds both sunshine and showers
The days aren't all bright and fair
So look through the showers for the rainbows
You'll always find hope shining there..

God bless you!

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