Monday, April 13, 2015


Mr. Quote Man sent me this quote today;  it's by Eric Hoffer
Our greatest pretenses are built up not to hide
the evil and the ugly in us, but our emptiness.
The hardest thing to hide is something that is not there.

People wear masks. Pretenses are masks. That's really unnecessary because masks no matter how elaborate or ingenious it all may be are quite flimsy and superficial. Easily anyone with a keen sense of observation can pierce through that mask and see the person for what he truly is. Further, uncannily the person wearing a mask will himself create unintended slip-ups which in effect peel off the layers of pretense bit by bit thereby revealing that which he so wishes to hide from the public eye.
But emptiness.... what can I say?!
Isn't it that we all contain a void, a space, or an empty place within ourselves which is in truth attached to our dreams? Until that dream, be it a person or a thing, is achieved........ that void or emptiness will remain empty.
The longing, the pining away, the deep yearning, the painful searching, the fierce hopes cannot be denied. It will show. Always. It shows in that special look in your eyes, in the beating of your heart, in the words that spill out of your mouth. It reveals this emptiness wanting so much to be filled. This is you!
No mask can hide it. It cannot stand against the pulsating energy, vibrant truth and fierce honesty of being humanly you.
Don't hide away your emptiness; it's not a bad thing. It's simply a beautiful vessel waiting to be filled up. One day you will do just that!! Besides the Universe loves filling up empty vessels. Expect your blessings. Help it along by working with your God-sent gifts -- your abilities and talents. Your emptiness can be your greatest blessing.
May our good Lord fill your life with blessings plentiful. In Christ.


  1. I was thinking that emptiness referred to in the quote could be the emptiness in the heart of noble values like kindness,compassion,tolerance and love and all the disguises cannot conceal the emptiness.But the explanation given by you is appealing and right.

    1. I think .....human nature shies away from showing imperfections or flaws thus inclined to hide them or pretend it isn't there. This is a way of coping, I guess, with the tough challenges of his life journey. Pretense is not an ideal manner of coping, agreed, but unfortunately some people know no other way or have not learned the right tools. Pretense hides or masks the unpleasant.... imperfections..., inability.... mediocrity. Pretense is negative, stunts growth.

      Emptiness I see as potential. I think God sees it that way, too. He tells us to empty ourselves --- the perfect ground to receive miracles and blessings.

      People are not born equals in the sense that some are brilliant learners... and others quite slow. But still both walk the same path of life and living and learning.

      Thank you for dropping by, KP. Blessings!


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