Thursday, June 4, 2015


Mr. Quote Man sent this to my email today. Oh you do remember him, right? The guy who won't let me idle my brain and the writing. The quotes he regularly sends me are like a 'carriage horseman's whip flicked so that horses would keep on with their regular pace'. Naahh, far from being mean he is such a darling sweet not-so-young gentleman who cares about my writing since the first time he came to my blog... and that was long ago. And the quotes are his idea so that I wouldn't lack in subjects for writing. He being a writer and blogger himself is apparently quite familiar with the famous and daunting writer's block. Anyway...
Here's what he sent me...... to quote
"We must remember that nothing in this world really belongs to us.  At best, we are merely borrowers." ----- Christopher Isherwood
And this did make me think.....
Whether you are looking at a sparse life or a generous one, one thing tells you straight up -- that you can never really own it. You may have something which the other guy may not have and he too may have something which you desire passionately but it all falls under the same category -- 'Nothing in this world really belongs to us'.
Funny and sad that we punish ourselves hard trying to make our dreams come true and spend almost two-thirds of our life making it real. While those things which truly matter and which give life its authentic meaning, its wonderful reason and rhyme for living, things which are genuine treasures which the heart alone recognizes if given the chance --- all these precious gems simply pass us by unnoticed.
I was that person too at some point in my history. Everything that I owned or acquired I considered 'forevermore'. But life in all of its wisdom would not allow such foolishness and rearranged things that soon enough found me bereft of what I held dearest to my heart... tangible and intangible. Was I beaten? Not really...... because man is never beaten. He moves on. And too with great compassion, life restores the soul to that place where it truly belongs.
Now I look around me and can honestly say..... I understand. And with better clarity and appreciation of life's true value and that of my place in it.
Blessings, everyone!


  1. Hi Ellen. been long time... good to read you after all these days.. as always, very thought provoking one! especially the one what you said on the way we dream.. true!! hope everything is going great with your gals.. cheers!!

    1. Wonderful to be seeing you again, Pram. Yeah, 'been a long time. :-) Well, life has truly kept us both busy in our respective worlds. Heyy thanks for taking time to drop by and for your comment. It's so appreciated.

      The girls are fine; thank you for your kind thoughts. Cheers, too, and a wish for tons of blessings for you and your dear ones.


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