Thursday, June 11, 2015


I was cruising down the LinkedIn site and stumbled on this these beautiful lines. It's just a part of the article '8 Behaviors of Phenomenally Successful People', (By Jeff Haden. Ghost writer, speaker, LinkedIn influencer, contributing editor for Inc.) The article makes for a good read but these lines at the bottom struck me the most....... to quote'
"You worry about what other people think. (Don't feel bad -- I'm sure I do that as much as anyone
.) Yet no matter how hard you try, you can't be all things to all people. But you can be as many things as possible to the people you love. And you can be the best you. Be yourself. That is the one thing you can do better than anyone else."
I have singled that out because it resonated well with a chat I had with a friend a couple of months ago. She's one who worries a lot about what others may say about whatever she does. Drives me crazy listening to her list of -- 'what if' -- 'would they like it' -- 'am I doing it right'.
She is a people pleaser but is overdoing the whole thing much to her own discomfort and misery. Sad?.. but don't worry, she's quite an intelligent person too and will in good time realize what she should be learning and change what should be changed. Just needing a gentle nudge perhaps in that direction. Sometimes change comes slow and the transformation slower to some people.
Jeff Haden said it perfectly.... 'Yet no matter how hard you try, you can't be all things to all people.' -
So why even try? Every person on this planet sees the world, life, people through his own set of eyes.. brains, and heart. He thinks, sees, and acts off his own set of insights, perceptions, measure and standards. So whatever he sees it may not really be all about you (if you happen to be in the picture); rather it's dictated by his own set of rules by which he evaluates everything, tangible or intangible. Remember this? -- That 'we see things not as they are but as we are.'
The best way to live life is how Jeff Haden puts it ---- 'And you can be the best you. Be yourself. That is the one thing you can do better than anyone else.' ---- And I agree 200%. And don't listen to people who say that you can't... because you can!

By the way, it's still the month of June; I know somebody out there has this as his or her birthday month, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you be blessed with wonderful things to last you a lifetime.


  1. Hello, very interesting and useful post.

    It is true most of the time we worry about what others think of us and try to modify our behavior accordingly. As a result we try to condition our behavior to suit others and in the process we lose our true identity.

    However, in most cases it should also be noted that others are not thinking about us and are immersed in their own problems are worries and yet we think they are thinking about us.

    We can rise up to our full potential only if we take care of our own self. This is also important for our own self esteem and confidence.

    I enjoyed reading your wonderful post.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Joseph,

      It is always a huge delight to see you and even more so in reading your insights and wisdom on the subject post. Know that it is so appreciated. Thank you very much.

      May the good Lord pour out blessings in abundance upon you, your family, and your home.


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