Saturday, October 15, 2016


This took several sittings before I got what I wanted from it. A good friend remarked ... "Wow! Isang upuan lang... painting na agad." (A painting in just one sitting. Wow!)

Well, that's not how it happens. Painting like any other effort or project takes time. Further, when inspiration comes it can also disappear into thin air without the slightest notice. Just like that. So sometimes it stays there on the table untouched until you're ready to take up the brush again. This can happen a few times more.

I work with inspiration; I don't paint for painting's sake. The result may not be a Van Gogh or a Picasso (from my tiny untrained hands) but certainly it will be one which would make my heart happy. I think that matters. :-)
Allow me a few thoughts about this (watercolor) painting.
That body of water there represents my family. Calm and serene waters. Of course it can be rough and unruly at times in rain and in storm. But that passes soon enough and goes back to its tranquil state. That place of peace is bounded by a mountain range, huge rock formations, and lush trees.These three things represent the three essential parts of our family life..... faith, love, courage.
FAITH (the mountain range)
---- in a God whose great love makes all things possible.

LOVE (the lush evergreen trees/forest)
---- which lends all things its freshness, happiness, harmony, joy.

COURAGE (strong rock formations)
---- which keeps together the hope and belief that everything has its reason for being but that which faith and love can always conquer.
God bless you, friends. Have a lovely and blessed weekend


  1. oh wow Ms.Ellen..I paint using acrylic but I never tried takes a lot of patience to do watercolor painting because I am not that patient in mixing the right amount of water to let the right color come out..tiyaga mo po :) same here po I also paint actually based on my mood and the way how I see things :)

    1. :-) We work out our respective talent niche and genre in the manner comfortable to us. Follow your gut. That is what matters. Looking forward to chatting with you in fb.

      Take care and God bless!


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