Wednesday, October 26, 2016


- Sometimes we need to be reminded of things which truly matter in life. It's definitely not material things, they have their uses but it's not everything there is in life. 

Neither is it our jobs because we can always find another. 

Neither is it our friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, or husbands or wives because they are not forever and are also replaceable. . 

But if we lose our families... nothing can ever replace them. You won't get another one like them. Your family is tailor-made for you, by Divine Design. It's definitely flawed and imperfect and maybe farthest from your own personal expectations (maybe you have even considered your neighbor's family the ideal choice) ---- but to God's mind your family is what you need. 

God works that way most always --- He does not give you what you want but He gives you just what you need. When God says that is what you need, -- believe me, it IS what you truly need! 

Maybe it is hard to understand that. But you will if you would try to...... 

See your family through the eyes of God. 
Feel your family through the heart of God. 
Understand your family through the wisdom of God. . 

And know that God's wisdom works for your best. Always!
Love you all!

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