Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Here’s a little story….

At the center of admiring friends all applauding his achievement, the man glowed with pride and satisfaction even more so as he gazed at his work and creation and spoke… ‘I did this all by myself!’

My old friend and teacher stood next to me watching the proceedings at the side lines. I noticed his amused smile when he said in a small voice… 

“Well, if your focus is on the I-Me-My-Mine of things it would certainly look like you did it all by yourself indeed.” 

Then he looked at me and said…. ‘But you know, we know, that it’s a narrow way of looking at it because there is something greater than you. Much greater!” 

I looked back at him with tweaked interest for what he was going to say next. He smiled knowingly and continued….

“This something which many may not see or understand (or choose to ignore) has packed-in all the things needed or might be needed for this life journey. If you can understand this, know that one’s brilliance, power, resources, prowess or maneuvers, or genius is no match to it. Human effort, strength, and energy would fail dismally even if it tried. In fact, your very existence may be reduced to dust if it so decides.

You see, you didn’t get to where you are right now or will be if God didn’t start you there or won’t start you on that road first.  Everything that you see, touch, hear, and feel first started with God’s creation, with the work of His hands and His all-knowing wisdom. And then man learned to harness raw matter, recreate it, explore it, build it, expand upon talent -- and finally everything became all these inventions and man-made things which make our lives easier and comfortable. 

All that man created began with God-created first. 

GOD made you. 

So how can you say that -- I did this all by myself?”

Then he quietly walked away, without turning his head said --- “I’ll see you in class Monday.”

He left me with my thoughts.

(Thanks to the internet for this amazing quote and image.)

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