Thursday, June 29, 2017


Have read this somewhere and it's a good line to remember too, especially good to tell a friend who now is feeling quite down in the dumps with her bland boring day... thinking that life is just one heavy stack of tough luck. And believes that there’s nothing else one can do about the situation. 

Well, I hope that she's reading this now because that line tells us that we need not look far and wide because we can indeed hope to turn things around. 

How? With our innate and inherent -- creativity. 

If you’ll ask Mr. Webster, he’ll tell you that the word is about – ingenuity, cunning, intelligence, inventiveness, cleverness, resourcefulness, and imagination.

Wow! We’re all that!? And it’s right here in our hands to work out something better for ourselves!? That's Wow!! 

So who’s been telling us all this time that it’s out there whatever-it-is that we need to be or have to make good in life? Doesn't he understand that 'out there' is nothing compared to what's 'in here' --- in us, in you, in every breathing living person on this perceived 'supposedly cursed' planet?! 

So why do we persistently think or behave otherwise? Why instead do we spend so much time bewailing the difficulty of our days and times when it isn’t really so hopeless and dire as we perceive it to be? Who’s been pulling the wool over our eyes now?! 

We can actually do something about bad days and bad lives; change alter or transform it -----from poverty to immense wealth of-and-in experiences, or challenges, opportunities, riches, learning, and wisdom. And this is not just all about the material. Sure it does not happen overnight (I struggled with it, I know - 'been there-done that' .. besides good doesn't come easy), but when you decide to get on that road decisively.... you will sooner or later certainly get where you want to go.

Why not give that a thought, my good friend? And while you’re at it, think about this --- 

We are indeed ‘creators’ as we are created in the image of God – THE CREATOR of all things then and now, visible and invisible! Yup, heard that before, right? But it's true. Remember our catechism? Yup, they started us early on that. It's His Will that we should and do something for ourselves, too. He knows it'll be good for us. And if you know your God, you'll know this to be true. 

So why not give life our best shot? Besides, don't you think that life is short to waste it with buckets of tears? 

And in spite of this you still think you can't ... I might as well bonk you on the head with a block of ice. The hot weather must be affecting your brain, dear friend! C'mon, shake yourself (harder please) and get back into the groove again.  

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