Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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If there is anything I, in my humble capacity, would encourage you to do... for yourself and for the world ----- it's to give. And give generously. Not so much materially. Oh but if you can afford it, please do so. But what I truly meant was ---- give of ... YOU!

At this point in our lives, at 40.. 50.. or older, we may have most everything in the I-Me-My-Mine of life already sated or settled. Now life may be subtly coaching or coaxing us to look outwardly, away from the 'self', and more on to others and to the bigger arena called the world. I say subtly because it is 'something that is hard to detect or that is not standing out or bold'. To quote Mr. Webster.

We may not notice it or sense it perhaps but it's there. A nagging presence, a biting dissatisfaction, a tinge of frustration or disillusionment about a lot of things in our world, outer or external world, which does not even concern us personally (or so we may think).

But translated in one word or phrase --- it is asking for 'something' from you and me. This 'something' may or could be the only thread that perhaps could or would keep it going in a crazy or tough world or life. And it's trying to find it in --- you, me, us. It may not or cannot say it out right... but it is sending out feelers, desperate feelers, directly or indirectly. But are we paying attention?

Like it or not we all stand connected. What happens to the other guy on the other side of the neighborhood could happen to you and me. What happens to places in other parts of the world could happen in our own turf. What happens to the world will affect everybody... everything.... touching our worlds within and without.

The next question would probably be ..."What can I give?"

If we think of great or grander expressions or responses, sure we can. In fact, there will be opportunities to do so and some of us in magnificent manner will respond gallantly. All good.

But stripped of that, we will find ourselves down to the simple ordinary puny individual and persons that we all are ..walking the face of the earth shoulder to shoulder.

So then ..."What can we give?"
And there is only one response to that --- give of ourselves.

As a line from an old song goes..... let me count the ways ---

Give with who you are and what you may have in your god-given-talent or skills... (Let's cast the material stuff aside in this one. Yes, it has its uses, too).

--- inspiration, hope, courage, compassion, empathy, encouragement, responsibility, good character, excellent values, kindness, humor and laughter, brotherhood and camaraderie, gentle hearts, sympathy, trust, faith, loyalty, friendship, talents in dancing - poetry - writing - sewing - acting - painting - teaching - healing - etc, ..... excellent skills in carpentry - house design - landscape gardening - pet care - care giving - leadership - organization - policing - etc.

At this point of our lives, life is not all about I-Me-My-Mine... anymore. Life is now seeing your fellow brother, sister, friend, or even enemy with the eyes of your heart. Respond to life with what it is and not necessarily with what you want it to be. Life is what it is; so is the world. Change will not come unless change begins with you. Give the best of who you are. You don't have to be qualified to give. Already you are, by God's design. And you begin with one small brave step at a time... one day at a time... over and over ... repeatedly ...for the rest of your life.

Give generously with who you are. That, I believe, is God's plan for the world. God's plan for you, me ... everybody.

God bless you with everything you may need for a blessed life. In Christ.

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