Saturday, August 15, 2009


Trouble comes like rain, so I've been told. But there is no trouble-free life. really. Not even for Bill Gates or the Queen of England. There’s no guarantee that things won’t go wrong, malfunction, break down, go off tangent or totally miss the mark because it does and will. Rain pours down equally on the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, on tattered threads, and on your best Sunday suit. Troubles, like rain, don’t choose their target; no distinctions made, everybody is fair game.

That’s just what I hate about it. I wish that it would pick the likes of a Princess of Someplace or the Maharajah of a kingdom. Lol But, please, spare little ole me-- an ordinary small unknown teeny-weeny person that could very well go through life unnoticed and rocking nobody’s world! But alas it does pick on me, too, and so with every blob of head inhabiting the face of the earth. Why? Because!

Exactly, there’s no plausible explanation why. Troubles come, like it or not, and no amount of pleading or sweet talk can make it skip you. It’s not like .....

'Hey, if I promise to clean up my room, eat my vegetables, and love my enemies, will you NOT come to my door?’

You know what it’ll say to that? “Sure, buddy, clean up your room and the garage, too; devour your vegetables till you puke; and love your enemies till they drop dead incredulous over you --- BUT I’m coming just the same!”.

Can you believe that?!! SOMEBODY stop the world and let me out!! :-)


  1. **everybody is fair game

    very well comparison, every one is same for the nurtures with same love and affection..

    Trouble is a part of life, if there is no trouble in life, one can't really enjoy a success or happiness..

    trouble is not only making us realize how tough the trouble time is, but is also telling us how sweet or happy a success gives..:)

    The person who can enjoy more is not the one who gets a series of successes..but is the one who gets a success after a series of failures..

    Thanks for sharing ..

    Have a grt day..

  2. Ellen,

    Read 3 posts now. Fire - Like we can get the best out of fire by controling it similarly we should control fire within for good of our fellow beings, humans as well as other forms of life. God - True. We can communicate with God with our heart only as that is what is wished by our creator. Mind may not work at times ( which incidently happens often with everyone ) but we still carry on living but if our heart does not work what happens, we all know it. Trouble - It is spice in our bland lives and a reminder for us to behave.

    Take care

  3. hi Ellen,

    This surely is a lovely piece and can help ppl endure.

    Rain and sunlight and the moonlite sky have an equal amount for all of us to share.

  4. Hi Elen,
    Troubles come to everybody. They don't discriminate like wealth and fortune in that they are fair, I would say.

  5. Hey Ellen,

    Very nice post.. You have really put it in a soft and funny note..

    Yes it's true.. Troubles do come for everyone no matter what... But it all matters on how each one tackles those.. some fight back, some yield, and some give up ...

    I hope you are fighting back ur troubles and wish you come out of them with flying colors..



  6. Hi Ellen ,

    A truly nice post...

    It isn't ironic if i say Trouble adds value to success ..

    Any trouble or unhappiness that we face in life depends on the situations or persons to whom we are attached to and also to the various events that take place in our lives.

    We need to contemplate on why we are faced this difficulty.. we will find a way to overcome them .

    One way of looking at troubles, difficulties, challenges, etc is that they are great teachers.

    We must learn to sing away the troubles in our life and the song that i can think of right now is.."this too shall pass soon"

    have a great day Ellen ..thanks for sharing this..:)

  7. Hello Pramoda,

    The lines at the end of your message struck me as so beautiful and true. Indeed how else will a person grow into his full potential but through the struggles in life. Because these perceived troubles serve to test his character and bring out the best within. :-)Thanks for visiting. God bless you.

  8. Hi Jack,

    I always enjoy your visits and look forward to your interesting insights and viewpoints on the various subjects presented in the blog. I derive so much pleasure in reading every bit of observation and opinion you so present. Thank you for sharing. Best regards to you and your family.

  9. Hi Pearl,

    Wow! you made a clean sweep of reading the blogs in one sitting. Lol! I couldn't help but grin widest when I saw how you went through everything & missed nothing. Thank you! :-)

    Nothing inspires me to write more than seeing how friends come to read it. That means a lot to me; I value all these friendships born out of the blog experience. To you and everyone -- Thank you very much!

    God bless!

  10. You are correct, Indrasish. :-) As a friend has also said to me before... "troubles level the playing field".

    So nice to see you again. I hope you are having a pleasant and very productive week. God bless you and your family.


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