Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hmm, I'm on a thinking and writing streak on this particular fine morning walk. Let's see what we've come up with this time. Rounding the bend I come upon.... - A young girl sweeping away fallen leaves … Quite in an efficient and meticulous way she sweeps the fallen leaves on the ground bringing them all to a mound on the shoulder of the road. What does she do with this? Well, maybe put them all in the trash can or light them up with a match to burn away in flames. I suppose she does this everyday. But it's only this morning that I see her outside her house. It always looks so quiet whenever I pass this area of the neighborhood.

Funny to think of it, but can we do the same with the clutter in our lives or those in our minds – hearts – souls? Sweep away the clutter of our lives and clean up our act. We have gathered so much clutter though life that we can’t see nor think nor feel straight anymore. Everything seems shrouded or clouded with dirt, suspicion, perversion, doubt and mistrust, twisted and slanted, distortion, untruth and lies, envy and jealousy, ego and pride, and sometimes downright evil.

Oh don’t tell me that it isn’t true cause all you have to do is look around you and see what’s happening near and far. The world is a big mess and we have made it so. And the funnier thing is, we blame a lot of things outside of ourselves, pointing our finger to failed institutions, policies, laws, systems etc and etc – like we have nothing to do with the state of our world or life. Na-a! ..that hand with one finger you're pointing at someone or something also has three fingers pointing back at you.

Think again. Who runs the affairs of the world? Who runs these institutions we so speak of? Who runs life in this self-destructive human form? People! And people is you and me and others – us! So if nobody (meaning us people) would at least try to clear up that clutter within and without, we are all going to explode one day –--- in one big bang!

Maybe this is what is meant by the ‘end of the world’??? Quite a pessimistic point of view -- am not liking it either, but doesn’t that make some sense too? Think about it.


  1. Oh My God! I absolutely love your blog...everything you write is just so thought-provoking and you always hit the nail on the head! Throughout our lives, we never try cleaning up the messes we have made - rather we blame others! People say it's better to forgive and forget but it is easier to forgive than to forget. Personally, I may forgive a person for wronging me but I would never forget it and would hold that thing against that person throughout....
    Sometimes cluttering up is good though. If we all start voicing out our criticisms, we would end up making more enemies than friends! As we grow up, we are taught to restrain our thinking process and suppressing our emotions in order to conform to societal norms - this gives rise to a lot of problems (if one believes in Freud's concept of defence mechanisms)....
    However, I do agree that cleaning up the bad things within us would definitely help in making the world a better place by making us nicer people :)

  2. Dear Ellen,

    Its very nice to read two posts back to back..and particularly this one, ohh..amazing...Extraordinarily good and true..

    We need to unclutter the cluttered thoughts from our minds, as humans we r increasing the undesirable feelings day by day .. and yes, as we clean our body, houses, etc, we need to do the same for our souls also..Otherwise, every thing goes in vain ..:)

    Thanks for bringing this topic..:) and would love to read more and more from u ..:)

    By the way, are those pics in ur blog are hand drawn?? with pencil or something? If yes, those were really cute and very lovelyy...:)

    Keep it up..:)
    Have a nice time with ur family..:)

  3. Thank you for liking the piece and for your nice message, Sapphire. Those are good thoughts you've put down yourself. Love it when you do that. But am not surprised at all -- that's a pretty and good head above your shoulders. :-) Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Ah Pramoda, this is lovely >> "... and yes, as we clean our body, houses, etc, we need to do the same for our souls also..Otherwise, every thing goes in vain ..:) ..."

    The sketches were lifted from my sketch album; I draw as a hobby. :-) Whenever I have free time, I take out my pad and pencil and sketch landscapes or dress designs... or whatever the inspiration may be for that particular moment. Thank you for liking it. :-)

    Take care please.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Amazing post, Ellen! AS usual short of words but its so relevant to what we are facing in our daily lives....!!!!

  6. Hi Pearl,

    What's amazing is getting this comment two years after the post was made! You know what, I totally appreciate your visit here in the blog ... every time. It warms the heart so to come across someone who takes the time to cruise down the blog and make effort to leave behind such wonderful comment. That's precious to me, my friend.

    Wish you blessings beyond measure.. for you and your family. Take care always and God bless you.


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