Wednesday, August 12, 2009


An early morning walk does wonders to one's soul --- if you let it. This one morning cool and crisp brought me to usual paths and neighborhood. A familiar figure caught my attention as I walked passed by. ----

- A middle-aged housewife watering her small modest garden … Such a lovely garden kept lush and green, flowers in bloom in every nook and cranny of the small lot all cared for by her nurturing hand. She looked happy, content, serene, at peace in and with her little corner of the world. I am sure that the plant kingdom feel that way too. But who wouldn't be when touched by gentle caring nurturing hands?

Come to think of it, isn’t that quite so much what a human being needs– this kind of nurturing of body, mind, and soul?

A human being can’t always cope fully alone by himself in this world of continuing change and challenge. Can you imagine just how and what a well-meaning word of encouragement, hope, faith, care, inspiration, stimulation, motivation can do to another person weak in his own resources, power, and strength? It can take so little to create miracles. Believe this. The power is in you to do just that.

People need nurturing too and other things besides– homes, family, children, old folks, friends, relationships, ambition and dreams, business, projects, organizations, companies, towns, countries, pets, environment, etc and etc. Life and all that it affects undoubtedly need nurturing and constant care no matter what.

How can there be continuity in our lives if everything is allowed to wither away and die alone all by itself? Continuity or life is sealed with a huge hunk of nurturing. And I'll say it again --- the power is in you, me, us --- to do just that.


  1. Hai Ellen,

    It was a nice read..:) Thanks for haring such a beautiful thought..People need nurturing too..ah...lovely and true as well..

    And it was an apt comparison between the garden trees and human beings ..

    Thanks alot..Keep expressing..:)

  2. Thank you, Pramoda, for liking the piece. So nice to see you here -- such a delight and pleasure. I hope you're having a good day today. Best regards to your family. God bless you all.


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